How to make purty photos in a few easy steps...

Right. So. I have been lucky enough to be told lately by several lovely visitors to my blog that my photos are all purty like & although I have shared my "secret" already, it was just a brief thing & undoubtedly most people missed it or hadn't passed by then...

So, I'm here to point you in the direction of a magnificent piece of FREE photo editing goodness that can do the most amazing things to your photos, & is fun into the bargain.


Now, I don't think I really need to go on all that much more about it - now you know you'll already be on your way over there to play (hope you have a free couple of days - you'll want to do every photo on your computer, probably twice) but I'll share a couple of examples of the fun can be had, in case you need any more encouragement....

In the case of the above photo, the 'After' is actually what I saw on the day, but my photos looked much lighter & washed out. All I had to do was darken the pic a little & up the contrast & the amazing scene I saw at the beach was restored...

Halloween effects! Get in quick if you want to play with these!

I have found a few favourite effects that I quite like & I'm sure you will too - that's the fun of it, really, the experimenting! Add a few things at once, play with the contrast, the colour, the temperature, add just one filter, flip it, add frames... the possibilities are endless.

Do I sound like I'm getting paid by these guys?! Yes, probably... I only wish I were (hint hint Picnik people!!)! I'm just a happy customer, sharing the love... Now off you go & make me wish I'd kept it to myself by making your photos look WAY better than mine!


  1. OK So that pic of the Halloween Punkster freaks me out. Now I'm glad that I don't have a photo of her stashed in my sewing room lol. I'm sure that her eyes would follow me around the room...

  2. Thanks for all the tips here and those you've e-mailed me too Vic. Much appreciated! I've given it a go ... there's a sample in my sidebar. Not as good as yours, but maybe with a bit of practice I'll get there :)

  3. lol Tas, I LOVE spooky Punky - it's my desktop!!

    Liesl - no worries my dear!

  4. I love it - I'm going to go turn the madam into a vampire right now!

  5. that's all I need, another excuse to sit here and play around with photos!! thanks for sharing ♥

  6. I use picnik for my photos too, it's great!

  7. Ah the magic of the slidey exposure / contrast / temp bar!

    I'd be lost without it!

  8. ok, i've spent too much of my time mucking around in picnick this morning. love it. i just cannot work out how to get the pics out of there and onto my desktop (i'm on a mac). do you know? x

  9. Thanks for the tips! I'm hopeless with this whole picture business. Will try some of your suggestions. Love the rounded corners of your photos and halloween Punky is way adorable.


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