Best Of The 'Fest! Blogtoberfest giveaway Numero Uno....

Hello intrepid festival goers! Happy Saturday & welcome to the very first "Best of the 'Fest" Giveaway post! I'm excited... are you excited...? Why not...?! ;)

As I specified over here, today is the day that Blogtoberfest revellers trudge over here on their muddied feet & let me know what they loved the most amongst all the stalls over the last week (..or in the case of this, the first one, week & a little bit...), in the spirit of sharing, in the spirit of blogging and in the spirit of "Victoria hasn't had a chance to read much at all this week, let's help the poor girl out.".

I'll go first, shall I?

I'm already breaking my own rules (because I can... because that's what hosting a giveaway is all about, *mwahahahahaha....*) and directing you to an entire blog as opposed to a single post, because it is a grand blog indeed & I'm sure you'll love everything that has been going on over there during Blogtoberfest just as much as I.

So, without further ado, my pick this week for Best of the 'Fest is Hoppo Bumpo! Go, read, laugh, spit coffee at your computer monitor! I urge you!

Now it's your turn! Puh-lease....?! Tell me what you loved most this week & we can all troop over & take a look!

What's in it for you?

Why this;

I do enjoy a theme, so this week my giveaway is Halloween themed! I hope you like it...?! It's rather nerve wracking offering up something you've made as a giveaway... what if nobody wants it...?! What if they only want money & Sanity vouchers....?! What then people... I ask you.... WHAT THEN?!!



Excuse me... but I told you I was nervous.
First we have a book, brand spankin' new, bought by me last week in a fit of insanity... for some reason I thought that owning the book would some how result in my owning some of the edgy, ever so slightly spooky, cool stuff inside... but alas... it seems you actually have to make it, and I am admitting to myself a lot earlier than I usually would that I'm just not going to get to it.
There is a lot of altered inspiration in here & some funky jewellery that I especially love...

Bent, Bound And Stitched, by Giuseppina Cirincione. See here for more info.

"Sugar Skull", an original, hand drawn ACEO by Moi. Watercolour & Ink on Canvas Paper. *shuffles feet anxiously*

...and a pair of wee ghosties to adorn your ears! My first attempt at jewellery in ages & I have to say I like them! (...and I hope you do too!) My Mum was looking at them in a rather too interested fashion, I shall have to hide them....

I am having a crisis of confidence (what's new?!) and think perhaps my giveaway stinks?! Either that or I have made how to enter unclear or painful... I'm sorry!
To Clarify;
Just drop a link in the comments section to a post you like from any of the blogs on this list.
**** Annnnnnnnnnnd, no way do I expect you to go through every one of them! I can't & doubt anybody could! I just want to see some great posts you've happened accross in the course of the last beek & a bit. :) Could even be a post of your own you are quite proud of, if you like!

Have Decided to run this for a week & will announce the winner (IF ANYBODY ENTERS!!!) with the next giveaway. Right? Right!


  1. http://pottymouthmama.blogspot.com/2009/10/blogtoberfest-day-6-escargot.html

    definitely my brand of humour!

    great idea, i'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else's favourites are too!

  2. I love this blog I chose from the list its bright and easy to read I loved the photos of the Bagarra dance festival and Gemmas Art work in her Etsy Store

  3. oops sorry forgot the link


  4. http://punkysmamma.blogspot.com/2009/08/houdini.html

    I like this one - just cause she's so darn cute :)

  5. Huh, I'm an idiot and completely misread how to enter lol. I'm not going to change my choice though :)

  6. I love your blog and your work but to be honest that's way to many blogs to choose from and I aint gonna go check them all out. I just havent that much time. Hope you great with your giveaway, don't doubt your work its great. So love those earings. good luck with the giveaway.

  7. i picked http://ajsantics.blogspot.com/ and was greeted by this cute pix of a baby on a mountain of laundry!! so cute...thx for the giveaway!! love the painting.... :)

  8. http://pepperstitches.blogspot.com/

    I came across this blog that I don't think I'd seen before, and I really like it.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

    Selina xx

  9. I like any post from Badskirt. I saw Amy's stall at bondi markets on my last trip to sydney, and it was so full of cute stuff I didn't even know where to leave my eyes :)

    Oh, and don't worry, your things are lovely and I'm sure HEAPS of people would want them! xx

  10. I was laughing for a long time after reading this post by Cath from Chunkychooky:

    Great idea for a giveaway.

  11. Sorry- I am just going to read the links that everyone else is posting here (great prize pack though, babe. Don't doubt yourself)

  12. I have enjoyed reading this blog http://deliciousdesignz.blogspot.com/ and not just because there is a big plug for my giveaway ;) , (that is how I discovered the blog). I particularly like the dollies her daughters made on the old handcrank Singer.
    Awesome prizes BTW makes me feel mine is a pit pitiful. I'll do better next week.

  13. Causing you to spit your beer all over the laptop - this one from Amy at Badskirt!


    This blogtoberfest is GREAT, except I'm about 300 entries behind on reading... my apologies if above entry was LAST week LOL!

  14. I absolutely love reading this blog http://foxslane.blogspot.com and love the family contributions aswell.

    thanks for the great giveaway.

  15. 111. Mooncat Farm, I printed out her Grandma's Nutty Spice Cake and Simple Buttercream Frosting recipes, as they sound so good......


  16. Oooh, typical. I go away for one little overseas holiday, and look at all the fun I've been missing.
    Well, you said I could pick from any blogs on the list, so I pick ....YOU...
    Cause you is my favouritest blogger of all xxx

  17. http://gemma747.blogspot.com/
    she is so talented

  18. Hey Vic, if you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely check out my favourite of the week over at Kootoyoo http://kootoyoo.blogspot.com/2009/10/how-to-make-corner-bookmark.html Not only did Kirsty come up with this fabulous idea, she generously gaveus a tutorial as well!

  19. Cooolll. I had a quick look and came across Pinkie Pirate and her post directing me to the Taxi Driver blog - what a hoot!!!

  20. *phew* There are some entries... Am I relieved?! Why yes, yes I am... ;)

    Thank you all for your links, I hope to check them out tonight - today we're off to the beach!

    Henny & SD... you are sweethearts!

    Thanks to everyone that made me feel better about my stuff too... self doubt is a HORRIBLE thing!!!


  21. Vic, don't doubt yourself at all! Your giveaway is way cool. :) I'm just sometimes too lazy to go back and forth and think about what I like and give an opinion. Just caught me in a self-centred week.

  22. Your watercolour and ink work is amazing!

    Thank you for reading my blog and the kind words! You're a gem.

    I would have picked a post about a corduroy patched chair as one of my favourite posts, but you know ... I think you've read it already! So one of my other faves was this one by Taccolina (a Blogtoberfest poem!) http://taccolina.blogspot.com/2009/10/arise-blogtoberfest-pome.html

  23. http://hoppobumpo.blogspot.com/2009/09/my-weekend-sewing-diary-or-how-not-to.html

    Love this post. I'm sure we've all tried to do this as some stage. I find myself doing things like this all the time but no where near as successfully. LOL!

  24. those ghosty earrings are rockin!
    my vote from the ones I've looked at so far is bad skirt - i loved the chocolate invaders, but also http://badskirt.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-first-boots.html
    i love reading how clever people make things.
    thank you for giving me a huge long list of blogs to drool over.

  25. I've resently found this blog and simply love this particular post-
    It's supercute!
    I love all your giveaway prizes! I can't believe you made that ACEO, Not my style, but it's so interesting and well drawn!
    The ghosts are too cute as well! You'll have to make a pair for your Mum!
    hugs! Manda.


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