My Place And Yours...

It remains to be seen what exactly I would do with my time if I didn't have to read many, many, many inspirational blog posts every day & find new memes to participate in.

Perhaps I could take over the world. But we'll never know, will we?

Pip has started her very own Meme over at
Meet Me At Mikes, I urge you to check out her blog, if you haven't already, her lists of crafty tutes will come in handy to everyone.

The meme is titled, as is this post, My Place & Yours, and will have a different them each week so that participants can share little snippets of their homes.

This week's theme is 'On The Shelf'.

I went with a shelf in one of the neatest rooms in the house, because it's Sunday & I'm lazy; Punky's.

Her cute wooden doll house, which has lost a quarter of it's furniture to the depths of "under the bed", a few of her favourite books which, I kid you not, SHE keeps there to "read" instead of nap and a vintage nightlight that I found in Tassie an age ago.

PS Two days of two posts...?! I am surely headed for ruin!


  1. What is it with dolls house furniture? You think they'd have such good role models (?) they'd be neatening and keeping it lovely but instead it ends up all over the place except in the house.

  2. Hello. I wonder - is it wrong to want a dolls house and not have my own children? hmm that vintage night lamp too... lovely stuff.

    So glad I inspired you!!!!!

  3. Kate - Yes.... good role models.... *whistles*

    Tracey - I bought the lamp for ME! ;) (..probably the dolls house too, truth be told...)

  4. Ah! That's night light number two for this week! Someone else posted an equally lovely train night light! Don't you love the kind of gentle light they cast?! Very sweet and nostalgic! Thank your for playing along this week! x

  5. Love the teddy lamp, very cute xo

  6. That night light is so cute - what a great find.

    (PS. I think you will have to limit yourself to just one post a day if you are aiming for world domination!)

  7. Cute shelf! I still love kids books about colors. :)

  8. If only vintage night lights could talk, imagine the stories they could tell.

  9. Awww Lovely...For some odd reason that night lamp looks familiar and I have no idea why haha..

  10. I do like the lights now that I'm grown, but they used to terrify me as a child.Freaky glowing teddies with their beady eyes.

  11. such a lovely photo and that night light is to die for!!!!!!!


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