Two posts in one day...?!
Well I never....
After my disastrous attempt at my very first meme; A Drawing A Day (I am sooooooo sorry Pepper!!!), which for me, turned more into a drawing & a half a week, I thought surely I would rock another challenge!? ;)

Ah, I'm not that foolhardy... I hope. This'un I CAN DO. Not that I couldn't draw every day... I just didn't... but this... well, I'm already almost doing it....

Blogoberfest is an October Blog carnival hosted by TinnieGirl, and I heard about it only yesterday on Curlypops' blog.

Of course I decided to jump right in - thinking that since I think I only missed one day of blogging in September, October would be a piece of cake... delicious, delicious cake... mmmmmmm

Ahhh... where was I? Oh that's right... It's October & I have pledged to post every day along with my other festival goers & join in all the bloggy goodness.
I realised, too late, that my Mum & a sister & brother or two, are coming to stay for a holiday next week... probably not the best time to have committed to trawling blogs & posting prolifically... but hey... I'll give it a whirl - and my Mummy takes amazing photos so I'll steal... uh.... showcase some of them, while she's here.

This is going to be FUN!


  1. Thanks for visiting me- I am excited to discover a whole load of new blogs this October!

  2. Yay! I'm looking forward to it too! Betternot leave my camera any where this month like I did last month....


  3. it's gonna be a fun month, I'm already enjoying visiting new people!


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