Happy Birthday... Friend.

I turn to you when I have trouble finding what I need elsewhere.

You always have something to cheer me up.

You get me money when I need it.

You help me clean out some of my inevitable-brought on by an opshopping addiction- clutter.

You bring me souvenirs from across the globe.

I can't help but get excited when I see a congratulatory email from you in my inbox.


You are eBay... and you're 10!

Can you believe that eBay is 10?! I certainly can't.

I remember boasting to people about some goodie or other recently purchased on this magical auction site, and them wondering what on earth I was on about. "e.... what now?" "Which Bay...?!" "Who are you & why do you think I care about your roller skates?"

Now it is officially a household name, almost a beloved family member in this house - hardly a day goes by when it isn't mentioned in some context "Sell it on eBay!" (...usually uttered by the boy in response to "Look what I bought!"), "Look what I bought on eBay!" (...usually uttered by me to The Punk because I don't want to advertise to The Boy that I've been buying things on eBay), "How much are they on eBay?", "I saw one on eBay", etc etc.

I prefer to find things I love for myself, at oppies & garage sales & auctions & the like, I love the story that goes with the item, but when there is something I really, really, really want, sometimes eBay is the best & only way to go. These pictures are all things I have "won" one eBay (even the fact that you "win" an auction instead of "buy" a product has pleasant connotations...) & wouldn't be without.

I've sold a few things on eBay too - had fantasies of becoming "that woman" you see on telly & hear on the radio who makes millions from her eBay business by buying things for $2 & selling them for $200 - but that just isn't me. If I find something fantastic I want to keep it - and if I don't like it, I don't even notice it, let alone want to buy it. That & I don't have the patience to endlessly measure, describe & list things I have no interest in (because if I were selling it, I wouldn't be interested in it...!).

Anywho - like I said, it's eBay's birthday & I'm posting about it 'cause you can win stuff! Yeah! Winning stuff (and not having to pay for it later lol) is grand, is it not?

Today you can win a party! I'm not entering because I still don't know anyone here & sitting amongst $1500 worth of food & party supplies on my ownsome would be, quite frankly, depressing. ;)


  1. Not me. I've never bought or sold anything on ebay. I just don't trust myself. I cannot believe it has been 10 years though.

  2. Oh yes, happy birthday old pal! Although, like you, when I find something awesome I want to keep it! Where are you? anywhere near Geelong? cos we'd make great mates :)

  3. really, it has been 10 years?

    I love having a trawl around ebay for hidden jems, and I have a box in the shed ful of stuff I think I'll one day list (but probably never will!)

  4. Go on, enter! If you win, I'll come! Imagine all the fun we could have...

  5. Oops, forgot to say, I *heart* ebay too.

    And why is there no 'edit' button for these comments? I always want to edit after I post a comment!!!

  6. All those years ago before the internet was full of online shops, you could buy lots of things on Ebay that you couldn't buy here. Now I prefer to search things out for myself!!! I do love The Ebay Song though!!


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