Faking It.

Do you ever fake it? On your blog, I mean?

I tried to, last night, but it just wasn't working out. Anybody stumbling upon my blog last night around 10.30 pm would have witnessed a mysterious disappearing, re-appearing post - this post in fact, as I tried to show my Mum how EASY it is to post a picture mosaic of her flickr photos, or a slide show of them, or @#$%^& SOMETHING, but not being much of a flickr user, and because, no doubt, I am trying to convince Mother Dear to start a photoblog, nothing, I repeat, nothing, would work right. I also tried to get it to post this morning, but it was having none of that either. I guess I'm just not cut out for cheating.... I'm too lazy & it seems to require so much effort...!

But do you do it? I am curious to know! One blogger I follow is currently away on a holiday where she is computer & Internet free - yet she is still blogging away happily! I'm jealous. Both of her holiday & her obviously superior technical prowess.

So... as you may have gathered; My Mummy is here!!

She drove 20 hours to get here.... 20 HOURS!!! Is that insane or what?!

We're lucky ducks though.... she brought us cool opshopped goodies (did I ever mention I come from a long line of opshoppers?!); she also brought a brother & a sister... but mostly good stuff... ;)

Anywho, now that she is here I am allowed to steal... uh... showcase some of her purty photos! (and after 15 infuriating minutes I finally managed to post some sort of slideshow in here that WORKED and wasn't just some obviously incorrect html) Hurrah!

Created with flickr slideshow.

These are some photos I picked out of her photostream, probably not a thorough representation of what she photographs, just me trying to be arty & edgy- she lives in the country, like even more country than here - some might call it "the bush" even... lots of pictures of cattle... football... flowers.... even a little Punk from last visit... (she was so teeny!)

So it's what... Day 6 of Blogtoberfest? I'm starting to feel it! With inflatable air beds, sleeping bags & drowsy family members in my lounge room, I feel like I should be doing something else (hence my poor attempt at posting today, yesterday...).


  1. I was going to say my cousins and I had a go at one of those ploughs, but that isn't true. It was similar but for one of the early tractors that was still in the shed.

  2. Wtg mum- great photos! Worth the pain of watching your daughter pretending to be internet savvy I am sure!

  3. Linda - tat would have been fun!

    Tas - *squints* Very. Funny. ;)

  4. The photo is great. Your blog is great and oyu are doing a great job of being tech savvy!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your mum's photos - they are beautiful!

    And for the record, there is nooooo such thing as faking it on a blog. We are simply just being economical with the truth!


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