The Best of the 'Fest!! (Giveaway Goodness!)

  • Right! Blogtoberfest has grown to mammoth proportions already, and with no closing date for sign ups (so rush on over to Tinniegirl now if you want to be part of the party), it's sure to get even bigger - how on earth is a poor blogger supposed to visit everyone, everyday, and still blog a little something themselves?!

    I know I'm not the only person feeling just a tad overwhelmed - but I just love Tinniegirl's concept;

    "I've decided that I'm going to treat the sign up list like a candy bowl. You know, something you can dip into when you've got a spare bit of time and feel like a treat. Best not to try and eat all the candy at once - you'll make yourself ill!"

    I'm going to join in the give-away fun of the festival with 4 different prizes, one each week from next Saturday... because I need your help!

    There is just no way I'll be able to visit everyone everyday... I have doubts anybody could do it without going through some serious sleep deprivation and having nutritional issues (there are only so many things you can eat over the keyboard, keeping your mouse-hand free... although.... those sporks of mine would be perfect....).

    So, starting next Saturday, I'm going to put up another 'Best of the 'Fest' post & to enter the giveaway all you have to do is let me know via a link in the comments section, your favourite post from the festival for the week prior that you think we should all check out. Entries will be open for 24 hours & a winner will be randomly selected.

    It's a total win win - somebody wins a special something (to be decided and/or made sometime this week hehe) & I (we?!) get to read the cream of the blogtoberfest crop without spending hour upon hour scouring blogs! Hurrah!

    So, the dates to come on back & let me know what is rocking your festival world;

    Saturday 10th entries open, close Sunday 11th. (Will Post OS.)
    Saturday 17th entries open, close Sunday 18th. (Aust Only.)
    Saturday 24th entries open, close Sunday 25th. (Will Post OS.)
    Saturday 31st entries open, close Sunday 1st of November. (Aust Only.)

*You don't have to be a poster in Blogtoberfest to enter, just let me know if you come accross something awesome around the festive blogs!

I certainly hope that sounds like fun and we all get to share our Best of the 'Fest!


  1. Yes I agree, it would be madness to keep up with all these blogs and your idea is good..I'll have to do that too..:) Enjoy the fest!!!

  2. It's a fantastic idea. I'll put a link to this post up sometime this week.


  4. Wow I will definately be back to visit and see what goodies you have. Wish I was good enough blogger to join in but am too slack.

  5. great idea! i have to limit myself, lest my eyeballs drop out of my head and I suffer from complete creative over-stimulation that leaves me paralysed. We don't want that.

  6. Fantastic idea. When I signed up I was thinking, yeah I can post every day. I am a new and very keen blogger. What I didn’t think about was how much time I would spend trawling around looking and commenting on the rest of the “festival”. I wish I had so much more time!

  7. what a great idea! It's been so hard to drag myself away for the computer these last couple of days, I'm sure i'll have heaps to enter!!

  8. Great idea! On the other hand the kids go back to school on Monday so I will have a bit more time....

  9. Brilliant idea. I'm having trouble dragging myself away from the Festivities to tend to my children! I'll look forward to a list of 'must sees' next week. And I'll be adding mine to be included in the giveaway! Thanks :)

  10. Oops, forgot to add I have linked to your post in my blog :)

  11. That sounds very generous - a lovely idea. Now off to read, read, read ...

  12. Clever idea! Though, I sure do hope someone actually comes to my blog because I am getting lonely over there. It's so much more fun to talk when you know someone is listening! (Thanks for joining, btw!)

  13. You certainly think outside the fish bowl hey!! hehe I love your idea and like many I am a little frightened by the growing list... I feel al little about potentially missing missing on some wonderful blogs. BUT I am happy I found yours... YAY!!!

    xo Steph

  14. Is it really bad to fall in love at first read? Am trying to read five to ten a day and tonight I have just read Julie T. Oh I do think it may just be true love.

  15. You are a clever cookie coming up with this idea. I had better get looking.
    Curly's lollie jar idea is a good one, the only lollies i'm partaking in these days.

  16. Thanks everyone!

    Liesl- Does it sound generous...?! I thought it was actually quite selfish lol - "Go out & read my pretties... so that I do not have to! *evil cackle*"


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