Yesterday I had lots of things to do. I had a house to clean, crafts to finish, mail to post, so of course The Boy finished work early & we went on an excursion, I mean, that was the only logical thing to do, wasn't it?!

We're not done playing tourist around here, still lots of places we are yet to explore, yesterday saw as trudge up hill & down dale (...hmm, perhaps not down dale... it just sounded good, but I doubt there were any dales involved, on reflection, perhaps 'up hill & down hill' would be a more accurate description...) on our way to a place called Lake Elizabeth.

I wasn't prepared for this eerily silent place with what I immediately thought of as "ghost trees" standing tall - they inspired the blair-witch-esque photo editing - it was really a lovely, sunny, cheery day... I promise!
Now if you'll excuse me, TODAY I have a house to clean, crafts to finish & mail to post! (...and opshopping to do, laundry to wash & a bicycle to ride!!)


  1. Spooky & beautiful! Love the photos xo ps. procrastinating is something I am very good at. Should get off the computer and start working on the list....

  2. (...and opshopping to do, laundry to wash & a bicycle to ride!!)

    You make that sound like laundry is as essential as op shopping and bike riding.
    Great photos. I was looking for strange odd wisps of ghostly beings among the trees.

  3. Oooh, love your photos :) I know all about procrastinating unfortunately. Does your blog look different? I like it!

  4. Love the photo's I am always up for a bit of spook this side of October. I'm still working on the laundry too - I swear it is like gremlins - multiplies with water x

  5. Lol Tas - I didn't get to the laundry, funnily enough...! I did manage the opping & biking though!

    Beck - I hear ya lol. Damn computer...! (sshhhh, I didn't mean it 'puter... don't ever leave me...)

    Claire - I already answere you on your blog... just don't want you to feel left out... :P

    Katy - You're right... I should have saved these pics for tomorrow!!

  6. Ahh, lovely pics. Your procrastinating sounds like fun!
    Mine is more the sit at the computer and ignore kind ;)

  7. Those pictures look great. And why wouldn't you go for a walk when you get to spend time with family, I say the washing can wait! Looks like a fun place to explore.:)

  8. What wonderful colours - how did you do that?

  9. Your photos are amazing! Looks like a very cool place.
    The thing about laundry is, it isn't going anywhere, it will wait for you, and whilst it's waiting it gets busy multiplying. Tricky laundry!


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