Is this a picture of.....

....a) Granny blankets drying in the sun?


b) Kate Blanchet's new wardrobe...?

(image of Kate from here, image of pretty blankets from my backyard...)


  1. What a snazzy dress, so very 'now'! Love the blankets and isn't it nice to be able to hang things out in Actual Sunshine!? Glad you like the Love Hearts, and yes I am near Ballarat, in Daylesford. We have a makers market coming up soon so maybe you can sneak away and come along? xo

  2. It is a fun dress. Your drying blankets look good too. Are you getting them ready for some remodeling into a winter wardrobe?? I have a stack of granny squares in my hall cupboard, making them was fun and easy, but I don’t know how to join them together!


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