Best of the 'Fest Giveaway #2... Ch-ch-ch-changes....

Hey folks! We're really ploughing through this month aren't we? It will be over before we know it! Brainstorming for daily posts will be a thing of the past, compulsive picture taking especially for the blog, thinking of everything that happens; "Can I blog this?" will all become hazy memories of the Blogtober that was.

This week I have tweaked the BOTF rules - if you don't blog you can still go ahead & link to somebody else who made you smile, think or create, but if you do & you've been participating in the festival I want you to share a post of your own from the last week that you are either particularly proud of or want others to see for some reason.

I've done this for a couple of reasons, not least because I want to play with Mr Linky....

But, first things first! Who won Giveaway Numero Uno?! Well, the names were piled into the magical hat (aka a tin that used to hold cotton reels that Punky now lugs around like a handbag, filled with blocks) & one was extracted by a set of chubby fingers (Le Punk's, not mine, although I do have some of my own...)...

Congratulations to
The Craft Gypsy! I hope you like your gift M'dear... really I do!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter & share their Best of the 'Fest with me! I was particularly taken by an ode to Blogtoberfest!

So, what is up for grabs this week? Buttons, buttons everywhere....

I may or may not have been up to the wee hours last night making this as I had pretty much forgotten about today....

...a blue button bracelet! I was quite taken with it when I was done, I am soooooooooo making myself one in red next! If this one had been red all you would be getting is these alone;

Three packs of carded vintage buttons! 8 marbled blue from 'Maxart' & 5 floral pretties from Ye Olde Woolworths!

I hope you likey - I am going to try REALLY HARD not to freak out this time...!

Right so, the details again;
How to Enter:
Link below to a post of your own you are super proud of from the last week OR a post of another festival player.
Leave a comment - can be as little as "I posed xyz link" or the reasons why you've linked to your particular choice.

Willing to post worldwide again as the parcel would be rather wee - so anybody can enter - hurrah! Winner randomly selected yet again, posted next week yet again & new giveaway announced.... yet again!

Don't forget to check out Ms Pops blog sidebar for more festival loot!

I'll kick things off again with a post I hadn't planned - but it's about something you all should know about! It's been cracking me up daily since I found it!!! Regretsy....!


  1. Miscellany http://pippinsequim.blogspot.com/
    is a new to me blogger who I am totally enjoying. She has some great bits of logic that tickle my funny bone as well as sewing. Cherrie

  2. Oh my gosh, I won something! Thanks Vic *heart*

    My link this week is my first attempt at piecing and my first attempt at a knitting needle roll, I'm pretty proud of the results! Also includes some pics of my mum's knitted baby blankets which I'm also very proud of and would love for you all to see them!

  3. Ahhh I am a dill I just posted the wrong link :( Please ignore me....

  4. Amanda I clicked on your link and have been laughing so hard I have tears streaming down my face. Mistake or not I'm glad you posted it!

  5. I have had heaps of comments regarding my baring the soul post on Thursday:

  6. Amanda... You're SO entered anyway..! ;)

  7. I'm sad I missed out on joining up the 'fest, but loving all the bloginess.
    In particular, this little post by the lovely Trash gave me giggles galore...

  8. http://sewmanyways.blogspot.com/

    is a site with lots of interesting ideas, worth checking out......


  9. Oh boy, a post that I'm particularly proud of?! Well, I suppose if I'm proud of any it would be the link I just added, 'cos it's a tutorial - just a little one - and I'd love people to see it so I could get some feedback, 'cos I have lots of other ideas for tutorials and want to make sure I'm doing them OK :-)

    And I sooooo love that bracelet!! It's gorgeous!! So I have to have a go - thanks for the chance to win :-)

  10. Totally love that bracelet, very cool.

    Here's a link to my first tutorial on my blog that I'm pretty proud of :) http://crazycrafternz.blogspot.com/2009/10/felt-needle-case-tutorial.html

  11. I'm in again, I've linked to one of my posts - which technically is today's post, which is technically part of next weeks BOFP... oh well. I really just want to share the love of Magical Elves - let's get the word out and maybe, just maybe they will stock them year round! LOL

    Disclaimer... I'm not always this crazy, christmas just brings out the best (or sometimes worst in me)

  12. I just remembered to enter, I LOVE the button bracelet TO PIECES! I especially love it after hearing about the needle and a lighter method... Linked to my very own apron giveaway, cos I think its pretty cute :) mwa!


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