Giveaway Winner!

Right. It's Saturday morning & I'm tired & cold & out of Vegemite (how does that happen.....?!). On the upside, it looks like it's going to be nice outside & I have a copious amount of coffee to get me through, BUT, Blogtoberfest is officially kicking my butt.

I can't wait for it to be over! Is that awful....?! Maybe it's just my mood this morning but I find myself longing for a day when I don't have to turn the computer on... yeah I could do that "post the day before your post posts post" thing, but *meh*, that seems like just as much of a pain....

Anywho, the whinging is just setting me up nicely for; There is no giveaway this week (or next week... while I'm piking...), for two reasons;

1. I haven't made anything (nor do I want to give you any of my stuff. I like stuff, especially my stuff.)

2. As great as I thought the BOTF concept was, it really didn't help... I find myself reading even more, if that's possible? I read festival posts anyway, as they come up in my reader, AND then go & read the links you've generously provided. I will not be doing that this week, in all honesty. It is going to be a struggle to just keep posting...

BUT. I have let my 100th post come & go without a second thought so I'm going to pick another number... like 125 or 150, to have a celebratory giveaway with lots of STUFF (which I KNOW you like, just as much as I do...), so do check back, sometime when blogtober is a fond yet distant memory.

Now, I've babbled on enough, me thinks. Without further ado, the new owner of her very own, laboriously pierced button bracelet is;

MoederKip! Hurrah! Do email me your address my dear, and I shall post you some buttony goodness. :)


  1. Vic! *squeal* I luvs ya!
    (almost as much as I love buttons).

    La la la la la, I'm the luckiest gal. Sing it with me!

  2. La la la la la! Well done Nat.


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