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A link to Cakewrecks in my Best of the 'Fest giveaway post had some wicked awesome Steampunk inspired cakes which reminded me that not only had I forgotten to mention my growing interest in the genre, but, perhaps even more remiss of me, I have failed to share the Steampunk goodness with you guys - perhaps I'm not the only latecomer...?! (I suck at crazes or fads, or trends... really. I either recoil in horror [..think Harry Potter, Twilight..], or have no more than a passing interest which is frowned upon by purists [..think goth enough to like Marilyn Manson, wear black & write forlorn poetry, but not goth enough to like Cradle Of Filth].

Anywho, I had seen the word "Steampunk" bandied about for quite some time (...just as a side note, is Steampunk in & of itself not a fantastically evocative word...?!) & mistakenly lumped it in with Cyberpunk, something else of which I know nothing about, except that devotees (and I am SO stereotyping here - do forgive me) seem to wear a lot of fluro accessories and a slightly manic expression.

Trawling Etsy, as I am want to do, I would come across beautiful things that looked like antiques from an alternative future - but they were labeled "Steampunk" so I passed on by. I wasn't a Steampunk, those pretty things weren't for me! It was like seeing something on Ebay labeled 'Raver', nope, not me, you'll be wanting that chick over there in the fuzzy leopard print legwarmers.... (...stereotyping again... apologies...)

But. I was drawn to these things. They appealed to me aesthetically most of all - there is just something so pleasing about Steampunk images & objects - something familiar yet obscure that snatches my attention & won't let go. It appeals to my love of vintage but also to my darker side (you didn't know I had one of those did you...? *insert evil laugh here for effect*) and now I realise that just as I enjoy vintage pink mix masters, smurfs and studded things with skulls (separately... usually....), I may also partake in a little Steampunk without having to wear a corset & vision obscuring goggles (..if that IS your thing however, you'd better be sitting down before you click on
this link...)

I realise I've not even offered a brief explanation as to what Steampunk actually is - as I am still learning myself I'll share with you a video I found fun & interesting, it's about
Jake Von Slatt, quite the crafty genius & well-known Steampunk;

If you visit his site he has instructions on how he's made all his cool Steampunk stuff! That's another thing that I just love about it - you can pretty much make anything you own Steampunk - all you need is some junk (my favourite); brass, cogs, & enthusiasm.

I've been gorging on Steampunky goodness - (oh I AM blonde! Until I wrote that - SteamPUNKY - it just didn't click... a Steampunk'd little Punk would look so cute...) & I've found WAY too much cool stuff to share [..as you can imagine, it is a lifestyle to many people, so every single aspect is covered, music, literature (which interests me very much, off to the library sooner rather than later me thinks...], home decor, transport...), as much as I'd like to, but I strongly suggest if you have any interest at all to have a bit of a google, be warned however - it'll take you on one of those crazy web journeys where you'll have 17 browser windows open at once while you try to listen to music (I have to say I have been listening non stop to Dr. Steel this evening - I like it. I like it a lot.), watch videos, read & digest amazing photos, simultaneously.



Just thought I'd share.

In case I post something with cogs hot glued to it.


In the future.

You'll know why.


  1. Yeah, those cakes on Cake Wrecks were amazing!

    I'll be watching for some hot-glued cogs coming soon! ;)

  2. steampunk huh? I'm so behind the times... I think I likey though, so thank you for the introduction, or 'idiots (aka me) guide to steampunk'. Muchly appreciated. I LOVED your superpops~ nicely done! Maybe a drawn steampunky? xox

  3. Sorry; what did you say? I was too busy bouncing around my loungeroom to Flashdance in my leotards and leg warmers...fads? Nah I don't follow them either. I've just stayed happily in the 80s. Off to find my Footloose soundtrack CD. This stuff is a bit weird for me. I can't see any fluoro tees or root perms.

  4. aaah! i like it too :) i went through a bit of a goth stage, and love vintage things, and some of those things are just so darn pretty and mechanical and old and industrial looking. like a lot. thanks for sharing, i def. won't be skimming over references to steampunk any longer!
    x Pepper

  5. I'm working on a steampunk bag at the mo. Like you, I just love the aesthetic!

  6. Using The Engineer's laptop while he isn't looking. I clicked on something and it sent me here. Thought it was interesting...'cause my friend, er family, er ex stepmom (I have a complicated family) makes steampunk stuff and sells it on ebay http://stores.ebay.com/Ravens-Whimzy
    She does rather well too!

    Know this is an old post but, thought I'd add my 2 cents.


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