Playing Tourist.

Well - here we are at Day 2 of Blogtoberfest! So far, so good!

Yesterday was a nice day (for here at least...), it was pretty damn windy but not raining, so we decided to play tourist.

Since moving to the country last Christmas, we've been exploring a little, but not as much as we'd like, so when The Boy heard on the news a little while ago that one of the 12 Apostles (...that is false advertising if I ever heard it...) on
The Great Ocean Road had fallen down, he was rather upset. "There will be none left by the time we get there!" He cried.... So yesterday, we went there.

Check out the numberplate that confronted me when we stopped for Gas!! Talk about a guilt trip;
On the way home we stopped in a pretty little town reminiscent of the mountain towns we like so much, you know the type, wee little shops with cruisy hippie types strolling about... We got bakery treats & had a play in the park & I admired a group of crows ("A Murder Marge... A group of crows is called A Murder....") flying around. I really, really like crows, I think they're beautiful....


  1. That numer plate is talking to you Mab!..as much as a numberplate can verbalise!

  2. LMAO at the number plate pic! Blogtoberfest is great - it's bringing me heaps of fun & interesting things to read :)

  3. This may just be your lucky day. Bear has out grown his Havvies (hehe) which weren't even used. What size is lil Punky? I would love to send them to you!!

    xo Steph

  4. I wish you were rich too, being a resident crafter would be a dream come true!

    Hmmm...I love crows too. They're my favourite bird EVER!

    SEW Victoria, SEW!


  5. Ah YES- Sew Victoria!!!
    Pretty special down there, love to move in that direction we would....
    Crows are my fave too, and Zeb ;)

  6. Definitely a sign. You should listen!

  7. I love crows too; I thought I might be the only one. There was a beautiful big one on our fence this morning. He just missed out by a couple of seconds on having his photo taken.


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