Glasses... or no glasses....?

That IS the question.

I am supposed to wear these glasses everyday. As a compromise, I don't wear them at all, ever.

I found them while cleaning up (...it is never ending...).

I tried them on. They made my eyes hurt a bit. But I could see better, funnily enough.

I think they up the geek factor by at least 50%. I don't mind that, sometimes, geekery is all the rage don't you know, but in general... I don't love them. What do you think? (Ignore the 'just got out of bed' hair. I am going to shlub around the house today & it shall be staying that way until I 'just get out of bed' tomorrow.)

PS, Punky thinks they are HILARIOUS....


  1. I am a full time glasses wearer myself and could not imagine my face without them...


  2. I'm supposed to wear mine too....but I never do and every time I find them they're covered in dust!

    I think you need to trawl your oppies until you find some super geeky old frames and then get your script lenses put in them....if you're upping the geek factor you may as well up it in thrifty style!!!

  3. Yes- Sam is so right!
    Thrifty style! I'm sure you'd find some cool ones with your Op-shop luck ;)

  4. I wear my glasses all the time, but I can't function without them.

    I have to say I prefer you without those glasses, but I think Sam has an excellent suggestion about finding some cool 'new' frames.

  5. Ahhhhh Sam... I never thought of that! I don't really WANT to up the geek factor, I don'r really WANT any glasses at all...! ;) (..but want & need are two entirely different things...)

    Sarah - I preffer me without them too lmao. I actually wanted muchos funkier ones when I got these (Like Liesa has above) but the lady talked me out of it... *shakes fist at well meaning lady several years in the past*

  6. I'm going to do a "Nanna" here (imagine I'm wagging my finger in front of your face).
    "You should be wearing your glasses, you'll ruin your eyes, especially with all that crafting you do!"
    Enough said!

  7. I don't wear glasses myself Vic, but they seem to suit you. I quite like the geek factor :o
    And I agree with The Handmaden, you need to take care of your eyes! You don't want to be sitting there in 20 years time, Le Punk has grown up and gone a'traveling, you're all alone and have all the time in the world for crafting...except you can't see a darn thing! Ooh the irony.
    Wear your glasses like a good girl now sweetie.

  8. Oops, forgot to add, your parcel arrived today, THANK YOU! I love it!

  9. Hey nerdstrom... I'm in the same boat. I found them when we cleaned out the car. MAYBE the script is now out of date and you need to be retested/get funky new glasses? Remember, le punk is laughing WITH you ;)

  10. I think they are quite minimal and don't make a huge impact when you have them on, so since it is so close, I would have to side with The Handmaden . . . in the event of a tie (such as this) side with the healthy of your eyes.

  11. I used to wear glasses for distance, but then I had laser eye surgery about 3 years ago and it's FANTASTIC! I can see at the beach, in the middle of the night, and all the grime in the shower (ok, that's not so great). I'll probably still need reading glasses in the future, but for now I'm SURE not missing them. And in some old photos I think my glasses are wearing me, because they were too full on (remember Jonathan Sceats in 1987?). So, yes, look after your eyes and go choose a new pair that you love. I feel like I'm your mother now. Sorry.

  12. Oops.... I'm in trouble now, aren't I?!

    No doubt the prescription IS out of date, I shall consider going again & sorting myself out... I don't want to be blind after all.... ;)

  13. Why don't you want to up the geek factor????? I can't think of any reasons :)

    You know what...I have nice glasses thanks to Mr Jettas Nest who paid lots of money for them for me many years ago and even having nice glasses that I quite like that even look quite nice doesn't make me wear them.


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