I only have myself to blame.

...for the cold, cold rainyness that is today.
It is entirely my fault.

What with whinging yesterday about being sick in the sunshine, now we are sick in the drizzle. (Hehehe... that reminds me of the Aqua Teens episode where Master Shake is "The Drizzle!"... I luffs ATHF...)

It's very cold now. And the rain is noisy. Waaaaaaaaaah!!! I know - I just can't be pleased, but we all like a good whinge now and then do we not, especially when we're sick.
All I want to do is go back to bed, bury myself under a mountain of warm blankets & pass out... but alas, that is not to be. All The Punk wants to do, with runny nose a-gushing, is climb furniture like a mountain goat & just generally get into mischief
I feel like, on days like this, I should know how to knit, or at the very least, crochet. Sure I can do garter stitch... but not terribly well, and even worse, with little to no enthusiasm, but it just seems like such a wholesome, warming thing to do in the cold...

...OK. Cue the spooky music... Punky is watching playschool & just now, as I was typing "knitting" the guy came on with some pretty knitting & is demonstrating how to knit....! Even TV hosts that look like Wiggles rejects know how to knit!!

My problem, or problems, with knitting are many. First of all, I am a very impatient learner. I'm all for a nice bit of instant gratification & knitting just doesn't give me that - sure I can knit a dodgey garter stitch scarf, but it's going to take a lot of time, and a little effort, and all I'm going to end up with is a dodgey garter stitch scarf....! So, then I look at pretty knitted things that I would just LOVE to own, but they are all quite beyond my basic capabilities, and rather than, you know, learning, I just give up in a huff. Even if I knew how to do all the fancy pants stitches I still don't think I would particularly enjoy it. It would be like sewing but you have to make the fabric first... way too slow and again delaying that lovely feeling of having created something yummy.
I get that the pride in completing a knitted project could be of a higher quality than the pride from throwing together a quick pinnie, simply because of the time & effort expended, but again I don't think I could apply myself enough to see if it was worth it. Give me lots of short burst of creative completion instead of a nice steady one any day...
I wonder, is there such a thing as Craft Diabetes...?! ;)
Ah... ignore me. The incoherent ramblings of a sick person. I am going to turn off the computer, find my fuzzy slippers & curl up on the couch where I can keep an eye on the rampaging Punk without having to... well... move.


  1. Ah, Vic! Chin up! I was there last week... I feel for you....but I can knit a little ;)

  2. ...rub it in why don't you Zofia! :P lol


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