Thursday Road Trip; Sushi & Camels....

We ventured out of our town today on a mini-road trip, pretty much exclusively to have sushi for lunch. It is a sad state of affairs, but our town does nae have sushi, and yeah, I know I can make it, but I've tried & pretty much failed at that, and it's just not the same.

Punky loves sushi. From when she first started on solids she's had sushi, and I'm pretty sure she's missed it as much as I have since our move to no-sushi-land, so today was greatly enjoyed by all (..but especially by Le Punk!).

After a massive sushi pig out & a spot of window shopping in the shopping centre we were off again, and Punky was ready for a nap....

A quick stop in at a massive hardware store (The Boy needed potting mix & I needed spray paint... lovely, lovely, cherry red spray paint....) & we headed home. Deciding on an alternate route to the usual however was a lovely variation... The road has been christened "The Horse Poo Highway" by locals because every second property has bags of the stuff piled up in their driveway with signs saying "$1.50 A BAG!". I know that doesn't sound like a particularly scenic route... but it is actually, lots of farms & green acres, but the unexpectedly delightful thing we came across was....

Camels!!! Cute & different they may be, but as I discovered when I wound down the window for some pics... they also smell very (very) bad...!


  1. Sounds like a lovely adventure!
    We also have an abundance of poo along the highway here, except it is mostly free.
    Manure, however, is $2.
    Now that's marketing :-)

  2. Wow, I hope Punky keeps her love of food like that! My kids, when little would eat almost anything, and I was so thrilled! Then as they hit about... ohhhh... 5 or so, they stopped eating pretty much everything, lol!

  3. Ahahah moederkip - you have upmarket manure in your area! ;)

    Mrsb... don't you dare jinx me!! lol


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