Lots of Green... A Lucky Day?

I only realised after I'd uploaded these pics that green is quite prominent in all of them... I'm hoping that's a good sign... if only I could afford to buy a lottery ticket!

First of all, this is my very first, still brand spanking new, ever so lovely, wooden desk easel. Isn't it purty...?!

Next up is a top I found in "The Great Craft Area Clean Up" of '09. It's actually a boy's top I got on clearance, green tops for girls aren't all that easy to find in shops around here, it's all about the pink & the frills generally, but I thought this was a lovely green that the Punk would look cute in. I embroidered the mermaid a little while ago, after a trip to The Stitches & Craft Show in Melbourne, and obviously, promptly, forgot about it. It still has the fabric marker where I drew the design on! I'm hoping it stays sunny (but I have grave doubts) so that I can get this washed & dried & on Punky asap.

And lastly, two lovely op shop finds, featuring lucky green again. I was super excited to find these guys, both now hanging out in my craft area.

A Cute big sprite & Patty O'Green (complete with hot air balloon & wee little sprite!) from Rainbow Brite.... aaaaaaahhhhhh.... lovely.....

1 comment:

  1. I love what you did with the green top. Can't wait to see it on Punky.
    Loving the easel and love Patty o'Green too. Lots of green love here ;)


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