Gnomes, Gnomes, Gnomes!!

I woke up this morning & decided I was going to paint.
Instead, I went shopping.
I had to go grocery shopping (yuck), but before that I got to go op shopping (yay). I am, officially, a greedy op shopper. Something happens to me when I enter one of these dens of musty, eccentric, second hand goodness, my heartbeat quickens, my eyes dart furtively about & I will every other shopper out of the store. I don't like lots of people around when I'm op shopping. Other stores, sure, no problem, the more the merrier, but op shopping is an entirely different story. There is a finite number of precious things for the finding in any given op shop & I want to be the one to find them. In a "regular" store, if you see someone trudging by with something you just have to have, you can generally be assured that there is more to be had, but not in an oppy. Unfortunately my Jedi mind skills are sorely lacking & everyone just keeps on shopping, no matter how much I wish otherwise, so I have to get stuck straight in to the business at hand; fossicking. I zone out - I don't look up from whichever rack, shelf or basket I am perusing, for fear of seeing someone picking up some grand vintage find that would ignite insane jealousy.... what I don't know, can't hurt me.

Today, I had a great score..... Gnomes!!

If you're getting old, like me ;) You may remember these books, first published in the mid 80s, then the 90s. There are heaps of them, perhaps someone could enlighten me to just how many exactly, but today I had the good fortune to find the "Around The World with the Gnomes" set. I already had a couple of odd ones at home but couldn't remember which, so I just bought them all, at the hefty price of 10 cents each.

Finding these today reminded me about some paintings I finished a few weeks ago, a Gnome triptych, they've just been sitting out in my craft area, gathering dust. I thought I'd dig them out & show them some love, since I don't rightly know at the moment exactly what it is I'm going to do with them.

They are mixed media (acrylic, water colour pencil & permanent ink) on stretched canvas.

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  1. I love them!!!!! They're totally cheeky and way too cute! It's so nice to see someone elses art....I really enjoy it :)

    As far as virgos and neatness go....no one has ever associated my artyness with messyness, I wish they had though, it's a great excuse :) I think people expect virgos to be neat because we're renowned perfectionists and control freaks. I know I am....just not in relation to housework ;)


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