Chickens, Eggs & A Free Light box...!

Punky has been SO good with helping to collect the eggs lately, she is super careful & carries one all the way from the coop to the egg carton on the kitchen bench...

I "made" a light box yesterday...! Okay, not so much made, as discovered a ready made one, in my craft corner, filled with fabric... my scrap bin! I'd been using an old Styrofoam container that my uncle dropped off here a while ago, The Boy was going to use it to plant things in but I claimed it first.

Yesterday I was looking at 'how-to' tutes for making your own light box & came away thinking about what I'd need to get to make one, then I went out to the craft area & sat down, considering what to do next, when I looked down & tada!!

One second & an overturned pile of scrap material later... a light box! :D All I really need now is a brighter bulb for my lamp.

I took a couple of random shots to see how it works, and I am quite pleased with the results...!
Next time I try it out I might put some plain copy paper on the bottom too, although I quite like the textured look of the Styrofoam under the objects...


  1. What a cute little egg collector, I have some keen gatherers myself. Your lightbox looks great, its terrific when you can figure something out without having to buy more "stuff".

  2. Isn't she cute! I bet she really enjoys helping!
    Great light box too, thats on my to-do list right now!

  3. She does Dee, which is great of course but I am terrified she's going to fall over accidentally & wear one... I mean, she falls over A LOT. ;)

  4. This is GREAT!! Thanks so much for sharing. Your eggs are lovely : )

  5. After reading your post yesterday it inspired me to try to make my own light box. Its not perfect, but I think its going to work ok :)

  6. I love this idea! I would have never ever thought of using a styrofoam container! I have a smaller one than yours I might experiment with :)


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