A Clean Craft Area & Pretty Precious Things....

We've had a pretty good day here, in spite of the horrible night we had last night - Little Miss Punk had a very disturbed night (monster teeth me thinks), which meant I had a very disturbed night, and neither of us were very bright eyed or bushy tailed this morning.

Once I'd had my morning coffee & Punk her Vegemite fix, all was well. Because she had hardly any sleep last night, Punky's nap lasted for a marathon amount of time & I was able to get a tonne done out the back... yes, that's right, I managed to get my craft area cleaned up!
This is what it looked like before, and now;

Not a major make over by any means but it is certainly much tidier! I utilised Punk's old change table in the corner there - told The Boy it would be fine as long as we don't have another kid (he's keener than I on #2) any time soon.

I like that it's clean & tidy out there now, but I REALLY love that I was able to make more room for my precious things, so that I can have them around me when I create.

I also got a desk easel today - my very first easel ever!! It's cold & dark out the back right now so I'll take some pics tomorrow... it's so awesome though & I can't wait to play with it, and you know, "accidentally" drip paint on it for the first time... ;)


  1. I wish my work area looked that neat! We're under major remodeling and things are chaotic at the moment.
    I made my light box and I think it will work great once I get some better lighting. So still using the light in the window at high noon. :)

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!
    seriously, we do so totally have the same taste in cute vintage pieces.
    love the clean area too, its so much easier to create in a tidy spot huh?

    lets see if this will let me comment for once!! :D

  3. Wow, your craft area looks great, all that table space!

  4. Such a great stash of keepsakes...:) so cute...Love your space looks very "workable" ...Hope those teeth stop bugging soon..

  5. Jodie... I told you! ;)

    Dee... 'High noon' - love it!


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