Oh Op Shop.. How Do I Love Thee?

...let me count the ways!
  • I love how you are so unpredictable, two days are never alike with you!
  • I love all of your special treasures, just waiting for me to find them...
  • I love your beautiful staff, who almost always go out of their way to assist.
  • I love how affordable your wares are... most of the time!
  • I love how you invoke memories, without even trying.
  • I love how you provide so much that goes toward making new memories.
  • I love rummaging around in your piles of stuff.
  • I love finding things that I would never buy, wear or use, just to know that such things exist.
  • I love your surprises....

  • I love mustard coloured chairs that cost $5.

  • I love that said chair has already become Punky's firm favourite.
  • I love that I didn't realise until I got it home that it reclines.... bonus!

  • I love vintage table & chair sets that cost $50.
  • I love how sturdy & solid old furniture is...!
  • I love how I can now relegate our dodgey, wobbly, IKEA table to the back room (more space for crafting...!).
  • I love how it only cost an extra $5 for two LOVELY old gentlemen to deliver everything, immediately.

  • I love how I was able to find all these treasures & squirrel them away early - before the torrents of rain started, and the wind ramped up it's hurricane efforts...


  1. Hey there....nice chair!!

    Yeah, I can do my tees in different colours. I'm just branching into some grown ups tees which is fun.

    Your dress sounds nice too, velvet and embroidery...sounds like a fairytale to me :)


  2. that chair, that table and chair set!! <3
    fair to say id buy those if i saw them too, and $5 delivery is very niceeeeee, ours used to charge like 50?? it would be more than the furniture LOL.
    ahhh we need to go op shopping, imagine we could start down there, and road trip it all the way here, stopping in each shop.
    of course, we would fight over the good stuf cos we have the same taste, and we would need a massive truck to do it but it can be done hey lol.

    ive found nothing lately, the op shops have actually been "packed" like 20 people the other day, when normally we are t he only ones there, with the staff chatting with us, i duno whats up!!
    all i found was a cute little deer vase for $1 ( i collect deer stuff)
    and some plastic kids toys for arty creations ;)


  3. Ah, Mab. Successful op shopping and a rainy day. 2 wonderful things!

  4. yes, yes , yes ! Me too!!
    Loving it all, those chairs are in such better nick than mine, but I can't bear to part with them ;)


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