First Post for the Crafty Mamas Group Blog

The title says it all really!

Just posted my first post over at the CM Group blog... I hope the other Mamas like it! Still being so new to this sort of thing I'm not terribly confident about what it is I should actually be blogging ABOUT lmao.

Meanwhile, in the Punky household, all is well for a quiet Saturday night. The weather was almost nice today.. I say almost because although the sun was out there was an evil cold wind gusting about.

As I type I am half watching the original version of King Kong on the telly, and oh how great that old stop motion animation is! It reminds me of one of my favourite movies from my childhood... Clash of the Titans. The story of Perseus & his battle with Medusa. God I loved that movie. I think I almost wore out the VHS tape from watching & rewinding... VHS tapes... remember those...?! ;)

Clash of the Titans was great for many reasons, not least of which was;

Perseus! (Unfortunately the actor, Harry Hamlin, never went on to much more success, unless you count a marriage to Nicollette Sheridan before desperate housewives fame as an achievement)

I also loved Bubo, the mechanical owl.

I actually have this on DVD, now that I think about it, but I very rarely watch DVDs these days, I might have to break it out again soon. I'd love Punky to grow up with it too, it's such a fun movie, but I wonder what she'd think of it, when she's old enough to watch, when it's compared to movies with stunning visual & computer generated effects?

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