Modern Art, Punky Style.

Last week, I found these cool wooden stacking blocks at the oppy for $2, Punk really likes them & I have to say, I do too. I've found myself absent-mindedly playing with them while watching TV for example.
They are really interesting - on the four sides of the blocks there is a different theme, shapes, numbers, letters & pictures relating to the letters. Then, on the tops (or bottoms, depending on the angle lol) there are shapes cut out of the wood, and they can be placed inside each other or stacked on top of each other.
Seriously, a better $2 I have never spent!
Anywho, I was doing the dishes when I became aware that Punky was disturbingly quiet... so I came into the lounge to investigate & found her creating this lovely modern art creation, don't ask me to interpret the meaning, I fear it goes right over my head, but perhaps it's something to do with the elements....?!

Now that I've had a bit of a blog post splurge (for me... I know there are great, dedicated, daily bloggers out there who post happily every day & find it completely normal... I'm not one of them...), I am thinking of making the rest of the week 'low-tech', which means writing down any essential info I might need, like swap addresses for my atcs for example, and then staying the hell away from the computer.
Will let you know how it goes.

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