Turning the tables (Red).

It did stay sunny today.... yeah! Not only did I get a whole lotta washing done (shhhh... the mermaid is still on the clothes line... at least it got that far...!), but I finally painted, or finished painting, Punk's little table & chairs that we got from the oppy weeks & weeks ago... This little set was a horrible dusty pink with blue dolphins stencilled on it *shiver*, I wish I had taken a before photo, but I was so eager (this is weeks ago...) to get it painted that I got stuck straight in... only I have no idea about spray paint & the one can I had didn't even cover half the table...!
The half red, half pink monstrosity had been mocking me from the shed, so yesterday I bought a whole bunch of delicious cherry red paint... to show it who was boss!!
With the lovely sun today, first & second coats were dry in no time, and, this is the absolute truth, Punky was not away from the table for the rest of the day. First, she was just sitting outside in the sun, then, when I brought them inside, she sat looking extremely pleased with herself for ages, looking at books & playing with cars on the table top. Then she ate her dinner at her little table & indulged in a little after dinner drawing... I think it's fair to say she likes it. A lot.


  1. Hey :)

    Love the table and chairs, they look so good in cherry red!! Looking forward to seeing some of your circus freaks soon!

    I'm desperately trying to slow down a little but I've got so many ideas.......


  2. the photo of her feet is just perfect.

    Gill in Canada (Appleby on Crafty Mama's)

  3. Sam - slow down shmo down lol... you can rest when you're dead... ;)
    As for the circus freaks... you may (I emphasise may lol) be in for a wee suprise...

    Gill - as long as you ignore the grotty one lol


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