DIY Make-Over. Sort Of.

In the spirit of handmade/DIY, last night, I cut & coloured my own hair.

I think that there may be a lot of advocates of DIY out there that would absolutely draw the line at this (the cutting, not necessarily the dying), but it kind of happened by accident, and turned out okay, so I'm happy.

I meant to just give my fringe a bit of a trim, as I have been doing, with a technique that I saw on tellie years & years & years ago on that bastion of respectable and informative television... Ricki Lake. The idea is you gather up your fringe so that the base, or roots of your fringe, form a triangle, then twist it around & CHOP! This results in a kind of choppy, layered look.

Well, I did this, kind of half arsed, not even bothering with the whole triangle thing, & ended up with an incredibly short fringe that just looked... wrong. So, I gathered up the rest of my hair & did the same sort of thing... a chop here, a snip there, until I ended up in a happier place.
Here I should probably let it be known that I am not a hairdresser, and have no experience or aspirations in the field... which I think you may agree is glaringly obvious...!

So there I was, with a sink full of hair & a completely new hairstyle, and, luckily, I kinda liked it, but I was kind of shocked by the colour of the hair languishing in the basin. It was dark. Really dark. Like, dark brown dark.
For someone that considers themselves to be a natural blonde, this can be quite distressing! I decided that I'd dye my hair too, while I was on a roll.

I've only ever dyed my hair with temporary colours, you know, like blue fudge or something else that is gone in 8 washes, and none of that since I was even in high school, so it is fair to say that I was pretty nervous hiding out in the bathroom with my disturbingly close to cat-urine smelling pack of hair 'solution', but, good girl that I am, I followed the directions to the letter & ended up with hair the colour I always thought it had been, nice & light, bright, and ready, oh-so-ready, for spring.


  1. Noice!
    I'm a big fan of the DIY hair-do :-)

  2. You did a great job mate, wanna come and cut mine? :)

  3. It looks great!

    I had to laugh at the comment about the dark hair when yte ou've always considered yourself a natural blonde. LOL I can so relate. But I've been getting foils for so long now that my hair is quite light on top, but underneath it's quite dark! Will commented on it the other day.

  4. You look super hon! I too am considering a Springtime hair makeover...but without your bravado. The man up the road with the hairdresser's cerficiate on his wall will probably...no, definately do a better job that I could. But you look smashing!

  5. Hey, that turned out great! Good job, brave woman!

  6. It looks great! I wish I had the guts to give myself a super funky hairdo :)

    I can also relate to the blonde thing. I always think I'm a natural blonde...til I look in the mirror and am reminded that I WAS a natural blonde lol. I'm naturally mousie now.....oh and sadly growing a few natural greys as well. Eek!

  7. ROFL... seems there are more than a few of us used-to-be natural blondes then huh?! ;)

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!


  8. You did that yourself???

    It looks awesome!!!!!


  9. Wow great do!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. wow, craft at its finest - great job you look FAB!
    Nic (M22)


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