Now accepting theories as to how this: (Sans the vegemite beard)
Escaped from here:

My guess would have been some sort of climbing and falling incident, HOWEVER, I was awake at the time of the 'escape', was leisurely considering my options as to when and how I myself was going to alight from my own bed. I heard Le Punk talking happily to herself & figured I had a couple more minutes at least to contemplate life from under the warm snugly covers... when all of a sudden her bedroom door slid open & she trudged out, happily, with her teddy & her dummy.

I heard no bangs, thumps or bumps. There were no squeals of terror, discomfort or even triumph.



  1. ROFL ... Liam was like that I had to put him in a bed from about 13 months because he'd climb out of the cot! While Michael who is my mountain goat has at 2o months still not worked it out ;)

  2. My Oldest was 14 months when he first learnt how to parachute out his cot with his blanket lol .. He even had a broken arm at the time of his first escape (from his acrobatics a few weeks earlier from couch to couch (lol)) ... Very cute, my #2 never attempted it and despite #3 being the best mountaineer, he hasn't tried yet (lol - touch wood on that one though, I'm not ready for him to be loose yet!) Cute entry!

  3. Maybe she is a Staffy in disguise. We are still wondering how our big headed doglet seems to be getting through our front wrought iron and brick fence...

  4. classic! My friends 10 month old did this the other day. my 3 yr old can't even get out of his brother's cot when it is on the bottom level!!

    Gosh they are cheeky little beings!


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