Quick! Join In!

Having finally finished & posted (..well… sort of… I’ll tell you that terrible story another time…) my pincushions for my rather late in all senses pincushion swap, life just wouldn’t be the same if  I did nae have a new stressful deadline to adhere to….postcard_swap_blog

Thanks to Cath & Cam, I found The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap this morn & signed up immediately… having never made or attempted such a thing, it’s exciting & interesting & challenging all at once… sign ups close tomorrow so if you think you might like to join in too, hurry, won’t you, and do!


  1. Thanks! I did too. I've never made one in my life, but since when did that stop me, lol.

  2. I have just joined too! Thanks for the hint! :)

  3. That swap looks like fun. I wish I had time for one more thing. :)

  4. jealous! Would love to but have incredibly busy June and don't get a day off until the 25th! and far too many 14 hour days.. so I think I would have an auto-fail if I signed up :(

  5. Thanks to you I just squeaked in under the deadline. Now to do a bit of research into postcards...


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