Fabulous Followers..

It’s been awhile since my first Fab Followers post, so it’s time to hit the road again, I think. It might take us some time to get from house to house, Le Punk has some new wheels & doesn’t think much of pedalling, too much like hard work, she thinks (she is her Mother’s daughter…), and so I must push her along, especially up any small inclines.

Right, so, here we are, flushed from mild exertion on this crisp & foggy morn, arriving at the door of one Lovely Lola Nova. I am a little smitten with this chicky, don’t you know, and I like to visit her often, so I know she won’t mind kicking off today’s house calls.

Miss Punk has run off to annoy Poor Pony girl, Lola’s adorable daughter, so I can sit a spell & bask in Lola’s creative genius. She’s been making things…


As Le Punk comes bounding back, I wonder if Lola will notice that I suddenly look three months more pregnant than I did when I arrived – I have secreted one of her lovely cushions up my jumper. Patting my much larger ‘bump’ absent mindedly, I make my excuses and push Miss Punk off to our next destination; Jolijou.

Andrea is a busy, talented bee! I think Punky will have an entirely new outfit by the time we leave, something like this perhaps…?


Unfortunately, we’re leaving funky-less; we can hear a sewing machine whirring & the occasional exclamation I can only assume to be German cursing, but I think that Andrea is too engrossed in her work to hear the doorbell!

We decide to try another day & push on. My ample tum is starting to rumble.. where to go for a tasty smackarel…?

Happily, Sally had just put the kettle on – perhaps she sensed something in the air, because look what else was waiting for us!


*munch*Suchadeliciousvisit*gulp*Ithinkwe’llbebackagainsoonSal*mmmmm*You certainlyknowhowtomakeacoupleofgalsfeelwelcome*nomnom*

Perhaps just one more stop – it looks like rain and us without our wellies or Punk’s Miffy raincoat…

We’re welcomed into Steph’s place, but everything looks so sweet & pretty, I’m loathe to set a sticky apple-pie smothered Punk loose to wreak havoc, instead we enjoy a whirlwind tour and leave before Miss Punk has spotted this divine wee piano, which she would surely take to, perhaps with a little too much enthusiasm…


Home again, home again lickety split! Thank you all for having us today – it’s been fun and this kid’o’mine is even starting to get the hang of her new bike… as for the rest of you; if your sweet face resides in my ‘followers’ box, you best tidy up, you never know when we’ll be popping over!



  1. you're funny. When we were at my grandparents in law last time, grandma was doing a big tidy up (such fun- they are in the house SHE grew up in)- she had this box of business card looking things and they were calling cards from 'the olden days'- it had a persons name and availability for being up for a visit. I spose so 'one' could be like a boy scout (ie- prepared), so people like you couldn't spring them in the nuddy or something...

  2. What a lovey post - cleaning the house for you:) See you soon.

  3. Bugger, you beat me to *cough* borrowing one of Lola's cushions.

  4. Hope we have sunny weather when you get here...lol..!! Happy travels, Jenny

  5. I was wondering why you suddenly made such a hasty exit and I did think you looked a little more plump than when you arrived. Now I've only the one cushion and the couch is looking all lopsided. Well, Pony Girl and I still enjoyed your visit immensely and I will be popping by your place soon. There is a red kettle I've been eying at your place :)

  6. LOL I just stumbed upon this now...you must have been somewhere else than my place though because I bl***#@!!% never #@!!% curse. Ever. Thanks for the hilarious fab-follow-feature!!
    x andrea


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