Pretty In Punk.

I finished the knitting I showed you in last week’s Creative Space – I was actually five rows off finishing when I ran out of yarn on Saturday evening so I had to wait until Monday for the shop to open & to pick up some more… that is the definition of knitting frustration!


I should have done a gauge swatch. Should’a, but did’na. You can tell by the ‘beret’ that is more skull cap, but whatever, the top fits okay, no thanks to any competence on my part.


I enjoyed knitting this up infinitely more than my first finished project – the natural, soft & yummy yarn certainly helped, and I seem to have gotten into the knitting groove.


I joined Raverly last night – I have less than no idea what I’m doing over there, quite honestly, but it seems the place to be. Feel free to ‘befriend’ me if you’re there too, and we can muddle about together.


  1. Super Punk is so rocking that awesome knitty shirt and skull cap! I love those. You should be very proud of yourself my dear.
    I think I joined Ravelry but, I lost the plot somewhere along the way.

    I've been wanting to do something for Pony Girl like that in crochet. Maybe some fab granny squares joined together in a 70's vesty.

  2. Yay, Punk looks super cute.

    Rav is a wonderful wonderful place, although I do waste a lot of time browsing and not knitting.

  3. Oh yeah, that ravelry thing...I joined a while back but still can't work out how to do anything other than look at the pretty stuff other people are making.
    LOVE that vesty thing by the way. Punky is super cute.

  4. So gorgeous!
    Another here who never does a swatch ... hey, it's knit, it stretches!!

  5. Adorable...great job!

    I love ravelry, I'll have to find ya :P

  6. lol I would if I could find myself again! I love your knits though, have you seen the Neighborly pattern? I could send you the link. I've knitted two of them and they are super cute too but on the same vein as what you are doing.

  7. Looking fab Vic.
    That's the thing about knitting, you can sit by the warm heater and chill.
    I'm a little addicted too.

  8. you are so clever! I love the knits!

  9. VERY SPUNKY MISS PUNKY!! Including her vest of course xo

  10. I LOVE your blog. Truly I do, and I don't say that to many people, in fact I don't recall saying to anyone else, ever, actually.
    You are funny and honest and tremendoulsy creative - and I think quite a lot like me ;)

    Now I will follow your blog - feel free to take a peak at mine -if you want. It's not an order or anything, just if you have the time or can be arsed really.

    Tasha x x

  11. the vest is awesome! I'll add you as a friend on Ravelry :) I'm caseyplusthree


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