Officially entering a new phase…

…or fad. Or obsession. God only knows why I get like this… and I ALWAYS get like this…


I have a new “thing” and this thing is Blythe. My last thing was knitting (yeah… that lasted… glad I didn’t go buying huge hanks of hand spun yarn or anything…), before that I had a brief flirtation with Artist Trading Cards, making hats (pipe dreams of making my fortune via Etsy, if only I hadn’t spent more time designing banners & picking labels than making actual hats…), there was my LUSH obsession some time ago, and I went MAD for perfume oils from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. When I was vegan I was obsessed with new cookbooks & weird things like vegan marshmallows shipped from America… I could go on but I’m sure your head is already spinning..


Point is, it’s happened again.


And as much as I KNOW this is a phase, and that I will be over it sooner rather than later, that hasn’t stopped me from mooning over pretty dolls & wandering about in forums, or… starting to pay off a very special doll that spoke to me. SPOKE TO ME I TELL YOU (She’s none of these though – she’s a surprise…).


What she will be saying in three months when I dust her off & send her to EBay probably won’t be as nice, but I can’t help myself… I just… can’t.


Do you have weird obsessions like me too or am I seriously on my own here…?

I’m not talking about proper hobbies or likes – if you actually collect Blythe & have lots & have done for years then that’s your “thing” & it’s not a phase at all, but if you go “Oh, I’m so going to be a Roller Derby Girl” & kit yourself out in all the bizzo & buy new skates with flames up the sides & wear a shirt that says “Fresh Meat” or something & then get over it after a bit of a scoot around the kitchen because you’ve decided that you’d rather start oil painting… well…

I get you.



  1. You're talking to the woman who crochetted for 5 minutes before moving on to button jewellery - I TOTALLY GET YOU (sorry to yell)!

  2. ahhh I knew it was only a matter of time vic!!
    but, one is NEVER enough..trust me.
    I said, i only wanted one, when i got into my obsession with them, sure, one will be enough, why do i need more? then i needed another, and so on...i think compared to the other girls ive kept it pretty small of a collection, for the past 2 years, but, its tough not to buy them all! lol

    now you have to tell me who you bought?? dont leave me hanging :)

    its nice how so many ppl are into blythe these days, i remember when i got mine, and blogged about them people called me a freak, but now everyone has them they are not so "freak" afied' lol


  3. Always thought they were adorable, and my non-collector self bhas been tempted. But having all the kids would leave no happy fate for these beauties so I enjoy them from afar..can't wait to see yours :)

  4. I get it very much, I've always had a thing for red haired dollies and it's not odd at all for me to jump from one project to another but my husband goes through the most major phases of collecting things. At the moment he's the Imelda Marcos of jeans and we could almost open our own stereo equipment and computer store, the one thing that remains consistant is that it's always a tip or op-shop obsession.

  5. Vic, I love them- not enough to go lurking Blythey forums, but they are great. I had one as a kid- and can't believe that my mum - hoarder Queen- does not still have it.
    I am the fad Queen- usually of the craft vairety

  6. I get you sista! Your head kind of tingles and gets all hot, and you know that life IS NOT WORTH LIVING unless you get your fad fix! I am too embarrassed to put all of my opshop stuff on line (because I know I have a serious problem!)Is it a mutant gene, or are we so creative that we are open to everything in this world? I prefer the latter, we are all wonderfully creative free spirits who will soak up anything that has some form of cultural identity. We are "Free Sponges!" xxNick

  7. Oh Nick... Nick!


    Even if you realise, deep down, that this is going to be just 'another fad' you can't help but think "What if it isn't?", "What if this IS my THING?", "I HAVE TO KNOW!".

    You're right of course, we're just too damn creative for our own good, but we might have to come up with a more apealing name than 'Free Sponges' lol.

  8. Hey vic, i forgot to ask are you going to get into the customizing side of them too?!
    I notice the ones you have pics of, are all custom girls, so thought it might be your preferred kind of blythe.
    if you do need customizing help, what to use where to find it etc, you know where I am to ask :)

  9. Here is one thing I wish I could change about myself - "I want that, oh hang on, I've changed my mind, i actually want this, no, but then again.... " and so it goes on!

    So yeah - I gotcha.

  10. i'm sorry vic, just i just gotta say it...


    you blythe people really freak me out, if i started playing with barbie dolls all of a sudden at age 25 people would think it was weird. so why is it ok if the doll has a massive head?

    but i do completely get the moving on to new things all the time, i just don't get quite so obsessive i think. so when you've got over your blythe romance please let me know and i'll start following again ;)


  11. Oh now Isis hon, that's a bit harsh!

    Maybe it WOULD be weird if you suddenly started playing with Barbie, but weird for who..? If it was weird for you... well, you wouldn't be doing it in the first place, and who else really matters?

    Luckily, I'm not one to care what other people think about what I do (I guess that's an upside of not having friends anymore lmao), so If I want to obsess, even for a short time, about a pretty, unusual doll that is maybe the most photogenic toy ever... then so be it.

    And maybe... just maybe... every woman should recapture the joy of playing with dolls again from time to time, I mean really... why the hell not?


  12. my fella is just like that - short winded obsessions which turn into complete chuck into back shelf and don't ever look at again type.

    Now Blythe - !!!!! They are soo cute. But I have neglected my Cassiopeia Spice of late. Life got in the way. I feel really guilty, especially when I think about the cost.

    Just think Vuc, you'll be able to use your knitting and crochet skills to make little woolen berets and scarves for her. That's on my to do list, if I ever finish this crochet blanket that is!

    Can't wait to see who you got!
    ps: there is one website with free dress patterns if you want it let me know x

  13. Oh dear, im giggling like a mad new zealander woman,

    delete 'Vuc' *still funny* insert Vic.

  14. Yup-I'm right there with you...my current obsession...twill tape.


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