Five Favourites…

Feeling Blah again today – I think my spleen hurts… can a spleen hurt?! Is there a doctor in the house..?! Anyway, to take my mind off the possibility of imminent & certain death, I’m playing along with Lovely Pip’s Five Favourites


Three Birds & a Bike Oxfam dress from Clothkits – How. Cute. I am dying to make a Clothkits something but don’t have the $$$ to spare… ever.


These simple (simply wonderful!) crocheted sheep by crocheting machine Amanda of Pardon My Chaos… perhaps these are in my future for Bubba 2’s room.?


Nostalgic Pop Blythe – If ever there was a Blythe I’d quite like, thank you, this is she.


Vintage Office Rubber Stamp Kit from Fredflare – what’s not to like?


86 Sushi Tank from Rock Star Moms – as they say, if you can’t eat it (the raw stuff) you might as well wear it!

Wow… I DO feel better… thanks Pip!


  1. Those ClothKits, while gorgeous, are not for the likes of you and me. They're for Islington champagne socialists who are savvy enough to own a sewing machine, but whose friends don't know how to sew on a button.

    That's quite a specific stereotype I've given! I used to work in a toy shop in Islington and our customers were a mix of savvy ones who owned a sewing machine and impressed friends by taking up the hems on their own kids' trousers (rather than paying a professional), and those who would take a cardigan back to a shop if the button fell off. Because what can you possibly do about a fallen-off button? A kids boutique owner up the street once amazed a customer by whipping out a needle and thread and replacing said button in a minute. "How do you know how to do that?" the customer asked in wonder. Honestly!

  2. oh nice faves...and yes your spleen can hurt...my husband had a swollen spleen a couple of years ago when he had glandular fever, it wasn't very nice...so I hope it isn't your spleen! x

  3. I am smitten with the sheep and I covet the stampy set. The whole ClothKits business makes me slightly anxious...don't know why.

  4. All lovely!
    I hope you're feeling better Vic. Hurty spleens are not nice at all.
    I like clothkits :)

  5. Loving those sheep! Hope the blah goes away soon xo

  6. All very nice faves. Sending you sympathy thoughts and wishes for less spleen affected days!


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