Taking Bets…


Four days to go until we find out if Bubba#2 is pink or blue (aka “Punky Mach 2” or “Definitely-not-Arnold”….).


The Boy seems to have resigned himself to hearing some bad news.


I don’t know what I want, I can see the good points of both – which is just as well, I suppose!




  1. My immediate feeling is a blue coloured one. But then I haven't had a coffee yet this morning. Mid morning might bring another opinion ;)

  2. I'm going to go with a Spunky boy to go with a Punky girl! Can't wait to find out .....see

  3. That was 'see I'm not having another one so I have to live through everyone else!' Maybe I'm not having another one because of my inability to finish a sentence?

  4. How exciting for you to be finding out soon. My best wishes that all news is good news when you have your scan and that you're carrying a healthy and happy bub. Fingers crossed you've got a good sleeper - regardless of the gender.

  5. I always expect families with one girl to have a second girl. So my bet's on a Pinky Punky.

  6. Or it could be a big, fat, wait until it arrives...our number two crossed his legs and hitched his feet up where the sun don't shine so we couldn't find out! It was challenging enough to count fingers and toes!! Hope all goes well. My vote is for a bubba blue.

  7. OMG! These photos are too cute for words!!

  8. LOL I can really relate. We have two weeks to go until our scan and my DD is jumping out of her skin to find out. I have to DS's and DD had made it very clear that if bub is a boy then he can stay there :-0

    Good luck ...

  9. I bet it's gonna be a boy! What do I get if I am right ;)...

  10. very exciting. we found out it's a girl and i already have a boy. i am only just getting used to the idea of pinks and purples... can't wait though! xo m.

  11. I first thought Pink - girl.
    but I kinda hope for a boy :)

  12. eeeekkkk!!!! how exciting. you'd better tell us when you find out.

  13. don't look! keep em guessing 'til the end, I say.
    btw, why is it that i have to moderate my own comments on my own blog but YOUR comments on MY blog are automatically approved? I think you got some special powers!


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