Coming Along…

So the craft/play room is coming along quicker than I thought it would, mostly due to the fact that I am cutting every corner imaginable & doing a rather shoddy job if I do say so myself…

Opshopped wallpaper – stuck down in parts with PVA glue…



One coat (Might do another… one day…) of blue mis-tint paint, fake grass strewn across the SAND that was under all the erupting tiles…


…blackboard paint… another one coat wonder…


Chair that was here when we moved in, desperately needs a funky cushion…



And there you have it.

There are a few more things to do, cosmetically, like do something about the cement floor, paint my chair, put up a dividing curtain, make a cushion or seven & PUT UP A SWING (sorry… bit excited about that…), but I like it so far. Sure it could be done a bit more…. conscientiously, but I’m kind of desperate to get sewing again!


  1. It's great! I love the wallpaper & your suitcases look fantasic all stacked up there. What a fun space..and a SWING!! Love it!

  2. The wall paper is gorgeous and it really is looking more like a sewing room. Suitcase storage is easy and that Bowls Bag on the top is just like the one my Dad had. Can't wait to see the swing!!!

  3. what a great space!!
    and loving the suitcases..of course.
    great work there Ms Vic!

  4. Well done - a swing would be great in there:)

  5. Im loving that wallpaper! Gorgeous... We are transforming our bungalow in to a Art/Play room in Jan next year. You have given me some inspiration :o)

  6. The wallpaper looks fantastic from where I'm sitting. How about that collection of suitcases! Oh my lordy. Love the space. Kids have obviously had a ball with the blackboard. That paint is a godsend.

  7. awesome work Vik! Love your work :)

  8. woot! love the wallpaper. Looks like everything is coming along smashing!

  9. Ooh it's great and no doubt will become even greater. Love the wallpaper and the cases of course. The chalkboard paint is so much fun, we have friends who have it and whenever we visit I can't help but draw on the walls!

  10. What a wonderful and comprehensive way to combine a workroom and playroom. Love the grass and the blackboard wall. Wish I could do something like this for my kid & a half!

    Ooh, here's an idea - a hanging bassinet/baby hammock for the little one so the big one can't reach it.

  11. Oh, well done - and you needed next-to-nothing of time - be sure to relax, remember that you are pregnant. Gosh, you were finished (well okay, maybe half) before me! Klara's room still looks messy, but I've decided to simply move the boxes to our bedroom, where they can stay for a while... ;)

    By the way, the wallpaper turns out great - I like the blue touch (it looked rather brownish on the first photo).


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