Oh. Yeah.

If you ever find yourself in this hideous no wheat/gluten predicament, you might be feeling kind of glum – but take heart kids, ‘cause choccie mud cake will surely cure what ails you (okay, maybe not, but it will sure make you happy for a bit..), and if you’re in Oz I can personally vouch for the Woolies gluten free mud cake & ganache mix.

Oh. Yes.


Look at it will you? What a specimen! I’m kind of ashamed to say this, but I am crap at ‘normal’ baking. If I were to make a mud cake from scratch, or even a regular one from the regular cake mix aisle, it would not look like this. It would be sunken in the middle or burnt around the edges or something, I just really, really suck at normal baking. HOWEVER, this cake has proven my long held suspicion that I’m quite alright at ‘weird’ baking. Never had I enjoyed baking more than when I was whipping up vegan cakes, cookies & cupcakes – probably because they actually turned out AND tasted nice. And now this.


I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised. If I’m going to be good at anything, it’s kind of obvious that it won’t be something regular… oh, also, if you do find yourself in this predicament, and I certainly hope you don’t, but if you do, and you have a hankering for weetbix, especially since your wee one is digging in to a bowl full with abandon, and if you are pregnant, which lets you get away with this sort of thing, then a slice with cream is pretty damn good for breakfast.


Or so I’ve heard.


  1. that looks to die for.. unfortunately it is the cream that would finish me off ;)

  2. Now that's not fair! Looks lovely.

  3. Ok this has actually made my day.. I am a ceoliac and a complete failure when it comes to baking cakes. This could well be the answer to my mud cake prayers. I promised my sis I would make her bday cake on Thurs... and this is exactly what she will be getting :)

  4. Yummo looks TDF - I've been gluten, dairy etc free since 1999. Have you seen County Life bread in Woolies, Coles and other places ...
    http://www.countrylifebakery.com.auGreens do a fab gluten free cake mix too! Be careful with dairy as that could be be a problem too.
    Hang in there Darling, it's hideous at first, but it does get easier. xo

  5. "Weird baking" can just see that as a theme on Masterchef. You are a lady before your time, Vic.


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