And I’m not even talking about the weirdo pregnant woman cravings like ice-cream with pickles or jam & lettuce sandwiches… I’m talking about bread.


Sourdough toast, salad rolls on sesame seed buns, toasted cheese sangas, English muffins, wraps…


I want them all, but I’d settle for one… or a bit of one


A whole lot of you have been wondering why I’ve not told you whether bubba#2 is pink or blue – the short answer folks is because I have no idea myself. My ultrasound was cancelled last week so that I could spend five and a half hours wanting to kill myself out of boredom in the Emergency room of a hospital an hour away. Before you fret – I’m alive (surprise!) & there is nadda wrong with bubba#2, but I do have a big ass ovarian cyst that just won’t quit that my doc thought might be causing the horrid pain I’ve been having… turns out though that it doesn’t hurt at all, and whatever does hurt is a mystery to the medical profession. Having been through all this sort of thing before for an issue that took years to correctly diagnose, I was loathe to cancel my scan to traipse off to ER with a letter from my doctor, but I did it, like the sad rule follower that I am, and had my fears confirmed – I would be sent home still in pain after being poked, prodded, stuck with needles & left for loooooooooooong periods of time without even an old copy of Golfer’s Monthly to keep me company.




So, I promise I’ll tell you the exciting news as soon as I know, but for now, I’m just going to whinge about bread…


The Boy told a rather non-plussed me about something he read about a woman who had stomach/chest pain that nobody could diagnose who took herself off wheat for two weeks & discovered her pain disappeared, she had celiac disease.


As anyone who has ever had an undiagnosed, unyielding pain would know – you are willing to try anything, no matter how unlikely, to get rid of it, so I thought “What the hey…” and have been off wheat & gluten since last Friday. And I haven’t had the pain again.


I don’t know whether to hope for it to be a coincidence (because if it is… well, what IS the matter?!) or to be glad I can never eat anything delicious again…


If I continue for another week pain & gluten free, The Boy says I should go on a wheat binge to see whether the pain comes back… but it really hurts too much to risk that! I will talk to the Dr to see whether there is a more scientific way, but in the mean time I will continue to dream about flying slices of vegemite toast, or running along the beach with background music soaring as a loaf of country grain bounds toward my outstretched arms…

(Click pics for links… and what do you know… searching for pretty pictures of yummy bread has not made me feel any better… you learn something new every day…)


  1. I suffered for ages with horrible belly aches- then discoverd I was wheat intolerant!! LIFE changing!!!!! i went off it completely for a few months then slowly introduced it- i was eating an insane aamount of wheat while at uni - lived on carbs and I am sure it is what took me over the edge... now I can have it every second day or so at most ... anymore than that and I pay the price.

  2. Firstly, you are a devil for putting up so much bread porn in one post (wipes drool from chin)!
    Bread is one of my most favorite food groups.
    Secondly, on the one hand; yippee if it's nothing more serious than a major aversion to wheat/gluten.
    Thirdly, Bloody hell if it's a major aversion to wheat/gluten.

    I am off to eat my Jicama and carrot salad now with my own dreams of soft warm buttered rolls.

  3. Oh man, doesn't it suck when you are pregnant to be told you can't have something and then thats ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT!! When I was pregnant with #1 I had major yeast infection problems in my last trimester and was told by doctors, who really had no idea what else to do because nothing worked, that I should stop eating anything containing yeast or sugar. Are you serious!! take bread, lollies, chocolate....away from a pregnant woman??? No fricken way!!

  4. Ah bum and poopery! I am torn too, hoping you have an answer, but not bread! You can get a blood test I'm pretty sure Vic, just ask your doc. I hope the pain stays away.

    Oh, and speaking of bread, the bread making machine says hello.

  5. The most important date of the pregnancy! Hope they're able to reschedule you promptly. And I hope it is a huge coincidence that you haven't had pain since. That's how pain works anyhow - it reaches a point where it's the worst ever, and then the only direction it can go from there is down.

    As for this pregnant woman, I've got the world's sorest bum. Way too much walking and sewing. There's always something for us to whinge about!

  6. oh my goodness, i feel your pain. i've been on a cancellation diet lately trying to work out what it is that my body reacts to. it's either bread, tomatoes or dairy. or all three. and i hate that cos i love all of those things. but we probably all eat too much white bread. maybe you could try just eating stuff like real rye bread. after what you've been through i reckon you deserved to go pig out in the bakery. good luck

  7. okay Vic, yum bread photos- I watched master chef and they were making more of this yummo bread and my youngun' with coeliac disease is going 'you reckon that's gluten free?' (i restrained from saying, no, it looks too nice!).
    Anyway, if you do have a blood test for coeliac disease- please make sure you are on your normal gluten diet for 2 weeks before or you might get a false positive- cause not much gluten in your system.
    Hope it's just your youngun poking his or her feet around where they are not wanted!

  8. Oooh bum! Don't visit my blog then, I've just started bread-baking and I know it's a new addiction.

    Maybe, just mayyyyyyybe, it's something different? Like, um, fibroids? (I had heaps of pain from fibroids when I was up the duff first time around). Or maybe it will be a pregnancy-related food intollerance?! Sometimes these things are temporary. I'm just trying to soften the blow...


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