Opping sans opshop.

Punk & I mooched over to Gran’s yesterday & discovered that she’s in the early stages of planning for a garage sale… I have been waiting for this!


I spent ages making a big mess of all her carefully packed bags & compiling a nice mountain of goodies to bring home with me, lovely. I love how she’s priced every little thing, even if that means writing 10c on a little circle of paper & sticky taping it on (I should get her some sticky dots…), & how she’s justified the ‘steep’ prices, like writing ‘Very Old’ before the lofty $1 on a box of dominoes (which I bought…).


I left her with strict instructions to keep any new bags of goodies aside for my perusal, promising in return to help with the garage sale when she holds it. Like I said I have been waiting & waiting, she’s not had a garage sale since we moved here, and since she’d been taunting me with stories of rather regular sales beforehand, well, it’s about time!


I remember hanging about at her garage sales when I was little – and lugging a tonne of stuff back inside ready to take home with me, the best find being a massive box of my Uncles’ old ‘Mad’ & ‘Cracked’ magazines – god I loved those & read & re-read them for years!


Even if she does nae go ahead with the sale, as I have a sneaking suspicion she might not, it was so fun laughing with her about all the weird stuff she’d found, not to mention coming home, yet again, with a bunch of cool Nanna plunder.


  1. I LOVE those dominos! Lucky you!

  2. That is sooo cool. Love that your long weekend had a special ending :-)

  3. Oh I so know what you mean. The stories themselves are priceless.

  4. awesome! and thanks for your comment, it made me laugh! I COULD be wearing my underwear. But it's a bit cold..
    x Pepper

  5. ooh, I'd love to go to one of your Gran's garage sales!

  6. what finds! these are gorgeously amazing! your grandma rocks! i am super excited for you! thanks for sharing! x

  7. Make sure to give me a heads up when she does decided to have a garage sale! I can combine with a trip to visit my mum.

  8. SO MUCH better than opping! YEA!

  9. Amazing what Grandma's have squirrelled away in their houses :)

  10. goodness, reminds me of when i helped my friend out with her garage sale. i bought so much, i looked like i was living in her house, not mine. i hope you nan goes through with the sale though, so we can see all your awesome finds :)

  11. You know, I would have given your gran $2 for those dominoes. I have been searching for a set for some time. I can see that your gran has collected quite a bit of goodness and yay for you that you found it out.

  12. what a collection of treasures - so much nicer than op-shopping!

  13. what an awesome garage sale hehe!
    yeah get her some sticky dots, or even better a roll of masking tape, then you can ripp off tiny pieces, and write the price right on it!
    then towards the end of the day you can put new price over it with tape to mark them down.
    my garage sale was fun last month i want to have another one but i also dont want to get rid of anything else hehe, the money is good though,
    think its best i keep going to them and supporting other peoples quest to declutter ;) mine will never happen!

  14. Seriously you are a goodie magnet. Even if there were no op shops within 100kms, no garage sales in the foreseeable future, some little man would jump out from behind a bush and throw gorgeous old stuff at you. Just because.


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