Pincushions – Incoming.

I’ve been dying to show you the awesome that lives at my house now in pincushion form, I was waiting on the last but Mr Mail System seems to have eaten it… no matter, wanting more after already receiving such goodies is a bit greedy, I admit.

I LOVE the pincushions I received from my dear bloggy friends, love them too much to stick pins in them… so they are adorning my mantle piece instead!

I should have taken pictures of each with their extra-goodies-in-the-parcel glory… but I didn’t. Two had chocolate in them. CHOCOLATE. If you think this preggers lady was about to neatly arrange her goodies for a photo shoot and leave that poor choccie languishing in despair, well… you don’t know me very well yet. That’s why none of my parcels were sent out with chocolate in them. Seriously – how does one be around it, and not eat it?


On to the awesome!

First to arrive was this beauty from Rachelle of Ted and Agnes, with chocolate (why can’t I get that kind here Rach….?! Why must you tease me so?!) & some lovely fabric….


…my fakie Blythe Paige has been using it as a cushion… it goes with her dress, I think!

The next to arrive was from Lovely Lola (Did you know that her name isn’t really Lola?! I know… I can’t get my head around it either… I refuse to call her anything else…), with MORE CHOCOLATE… *ahem* Not that chocolate is all I care about, oh no, but it makes opening the mail that much sweeter… (boom boom!)


It has a chicken on it. A red chicken. Need I say more? Need I?!

And last but most certainly not least, this beauty arrived from Jo. Jo outdid herself here, I’m sure you’ll agree – Not only did she make the most wonderfully cute wee Russian doll/red riding hood hybrid for me, but IT FITS ON DISPLAY PERFECTLY. Even The Boy said so, and he’s not really one for admiring pincushions… She also spoiled me silly with extra awesomeness – RED buttons, yellow doily lushness, the sweetest covered tape measure, a hat for The Punk… there is surely more I’ve missed because I was a wee bit overwhelmed!



Thank you my darlings for playing along, I had a blast and I adore all this handmade pretty that I get to look at every day now… and…. *sniffle* think of you! (Pass the Kleenex, won’t you?) 

I’ve got even more mail-goodness to share tomorrow, do you hate me?


  1. You lucky duck! They are all so lovely.

  2. I didn't buy the chocolate until I was on my way to the post office and then I sealed it up quick like...you know, to be safe.

    What beautiful cushions those others, very nice! Thanks for letting me play along.


  3. Ohh they all look so pretty Vic. xo

  4. Love every one of them you lucky chick!

  5. LOL I did have chocolate, but you can guess what happened to it hehe.

    Love the photo's, that photo of Red on the shelf is so cool, I love it.

    Thanks for organising this, it was so much fun :)

  6. aren't you lucky you postie hog you! ;)


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