My Pincushions – Outgoing.

Yesterday I received the very welcome news that a parcel I had been concerned about arriving intact had in fact arrived, intact, so I can show you the pincushions I made when I was absolutely too late for Kate’s swap, for some spiffing swap volunteers.

If, by some quirk of Australia post, my parcels have managed to arrive in merry olde England & L’america before Queensland & New Zealand; look away now!


I made such a random assortment for my swapees – and with no recipient in mind for any until all were finished & they decided where they wanted to go.


Above: repurposed & painted vintage eggcup.


Yes – this is one of those matryoshka measuring cups you may have seen around blogland, SOMEONE in my house melted part of my set in the oven, “accidentally” so I thought I’d recycle one of what was left…



Above: Salvaged label & backing from oppy blanket.

Below: Again with the repurposed vintage eggcup – I have one of these still, and one with blue shoes, so I could just about part with it painlessly, the fabric is vintage too.


And that is that! I hope my lovely swapees enjoyed the swap & their various parcels, I have received two gorgeous pincushions in return already, to be shown when the other two arrive – I am pretty much set for pincushions for the rest of my life…!


  1. Wow - you're always late to everything, and then you blow 'em away with such great handmade goodness.

    We should be swapees one day.

  2. Oh...that is funny. I live 5 mins from warrnambool!!!

  3. So many lovely lovely pin cushions... and so very very creative too.
    The label one is my favourite.

  4. They are all gorgeous, how clever are you! I love the blanket label one, lovely!

  5. Gabi - I don't know whether to be offended or not lmao.

  6. They are all amzing Vic, each with it's own unique flavour. I love how you have created new life with un wanted things.

  7. They are amazing Vic. Love those egg cups. And glad to know that no matroyshka doll measuring cup was harmed during this pin cushion spree. (Disclaimer being that injury incurred preceding the event doesn't count :P)

  8. great work miss Vic, they all look fabulous. funnily enough, I have one of those leggy egg cups from my childhood!


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