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What do you know – I’ve actually been ‘doing stuff’ this week! Trouble is, the main thing I’ve been ‘doing’ is painting things in the play/craft room, and I have no pictures… if you think I’m trudging out there in the cold in my PJs you have another thing coming.


The other thing I’ve been doing, or at least, did last night, was some work on a fakie Blythe that came in the mail, she’s a clone called a Basaak & actually the reason I’ve got a hankering for a proper Blythe.


She’s really pretty great, much better quality than I was expecting, like I was going to reroot her hair but I like it as it is, so I have contented myself with customising (*coughs*wrecking*coughs*) her face. It’s all good except for her lips… but you can only see the horror close up. On one hand I’m glad I tried this with a fakie & not a proper doll, on the other I am cursing myself ‘cause I quite like the fakie…


Oh well.


What’s Kirsty up to this week, do you think? Go see, & share your space while you’re at it!


  1. Oh i want a blythe too!!! HAve for years...maybe i could indulge in one of these.......

  2. you know you are going to give me chucky doll night mares looking at your dismantled blythe!

  3. I didn't know you had to put them together, it is a little freaky!
    Would love to see some of those other projects too Miss Vic one day.

  4. I should send my swirla curla chrissie doll to you for repairs! That just looks to tricky, like doll hospital skill....heh heh, just read Tracey's comment - I wonder why they never took off back in the 70's?

  5. The doll had plastic surgery LOL

  6. The dismembered doll is very disturbing (and kind of funny) - good luck!

  7. oooh - do they come all in parts and you make them? I never knew that!

  8. hmmmmmm......a little freaky and a bit disturbing, love Tracey's comment!
    what did Le Punk think when she saw the eyes like that?


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