Mmmm…. craftamahol…

I’ve just not been feeling the thrifting vibe lately – have nae garaged sailed for two weeks in a row and have frequented the oppies much less, and with dampened enthusiasm. Maybe it’s the weather… it really is so nice inside in front of the heater, lounging in my fluffy robe…

Despite the opping downturn, I did pick up some nice things this week within the vintage crafty theme.


Many old knitting pattern books – and yet I STILL am yet to find my next project.


Sunset series craft books – I love some of the projects and photos in these, like the funkiest crochet dress I have ever seen….



A few vintage sewing patterns, I don’t think I really kid myself that I am ever going to make any of them, but the pattern illustrations are so freaking cute!


The irony of carded vintage self cover buttons… I want them, I could use them (“..no skill required..”), but I won’t, ‘cause they’re too cute as they are.


And maybe my fave of the week, knitted square blankie for the couch, a steal at $3 – usually knit or crochet blankets are stoopid expensive, so I grabbed this one the second I saw the price, it’s purty too, which helps.

For more thrifted goodness, Sophie will sort you out!


  1. LOVE that crocheted dress, amazing! Your blanket is brilliant, what a find...and I agree, pattern pictures really are so cute, love them...I bet you'll find your next project when you least expect it or probably have the time to do it, which is usually the case for me!

  2. that is a lovely dress, I do love the sunshine craft books. Fab find with the blanket - heaps faster than making ones own...

  3. Oh my is that 'crochet ideas' woman in need of some Berocca or what!

  4. With a crocheted dress like that, you'd think she'd look a little happier in the photo! After all, how many people can say they have a crocheted dress AND get featured in a crocheted magazine!

  5. that Simplicity pattern up the top, that red dress? That's me when I was 8- my mother must have loved that pattern. I bought it too at an Oppy, thinking...hmm, my daughter is nearly 8!! I agree about using the cute stuff, almost too cute to use.

  6. I agree with you re the buttons. Too snazzy to use. And my that crocheted dress. That is a winner!
    By the by, my girlie is all of 17 years old. I know all the cutesy stuff looks younger, but they are all into it...so you are safe for quite a few years yet.

  7. your post feels like a shop in itself. i was happy rummaging!

  8. Lovely finds there Vic and I agree with you about the patterns - the illustrations are soooo cute. I've bought a few patterns only to find the bits are missing, but I plan on framing the packets and hanging them in my sewing room. Well, that is one day when I get a sewing room - first I have to get a house lol.

  9. I do love the blanket! great find!

  10. i absolutely know what you mean about vintage stuff ... it's stayed intact for so long i can't bear to change it. love the knitting patterns. i'm always envious of other people's collections. i look forward to seeing what you decide to make next.
    My Flea Market Find

  11. i love those patterns, i agree the pictures are very cute. great score with the blanket looks very comfy and cosy right there! : )

  12. that crocheted dress is rockin!


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