My New Project…

Is daunting & scary & going to take a while… a long while…


The Loft isn’t working. All my sewing/crafty/painty stuff is up here (as is the computer, which I think has been contributing to my lack of blogging enthusiasm of late) but I never, NEVER use it. I can’t.


I am very, very rarely without a Punk to look after, which means if I want to sew she has to come up too – and make a hell of a mess & play with dangerous things like pins & needles, OR be left down stairs to her own devices which is actually infinately worse.


By the time she is in bed I don’t feel very creative or productive at all & just want to veg in front of the heater… so something must be done, and that something is to try to turn a rather un-kid-friendly, grotty space into half playroom half sewing room – this sort of arrangement worked well at our other house – Punk could play & I could keep an eye on her while making – but geez, it’s going to take a tonne of work to get this sorted nicely – and I have bubba #2’s room to do too yet…

Wish me luck!


  1. A Lot of work but lot's of rewards when finished..Can't wait to see...


  2. Good luck, can't wait to see what it ends up looking like. I'm doing something similar at the moment, so I can work and watch over my little one.

  3. May the force be with you!

  4. Great idea to share your space with the little Punk - you'll have to give her her own crafty table though or she'll be into yours now she's getting bigger :)

    So what are you going to do about the flooring? That looks like the hard part to me.

  5. Luck and perseverance to you my dear. I have the greatest faith that you will be able to transform that little sun room into a lovely space flowing with creativity!

  6. Tin Can Daisy - Oh yes, that IS the hard part - I have a bit of a weird idea but don't have the $$$ just now... we shall see... ;)

  7. Nightmare.... Busy loves to join me in the sewing room and "help" me- PAINFUL.... I moved the computer inot the kitchen/dining/lounge area on a side cabinet- no space what so ever around it but I feel like I can be nearby and supervising Busy if need be... i think the same if I had a seperate studio- too hard with little ones...

  8. You can do it :) the light in that room is gorgeous!!

  9. Your loft will one day be the sanctuary you dream of... until then, practicality must rule. I reckon you'll be really happy when the sunroom is transformed and you can be productive at all times of the day.

    I have my workspace in a room where the kids can eat, play, watch tv etc. They don't touch my stuff, maybe coz I keep it covered, maybe coz they know what's good for them. It works for us.

  10. Good luck! :)
    I have been trying to work on my own crafting area as well. All though it is a lot of work, it is a good opportunity to reorganize your space... At least that is what I keep telling myself! ;)

  11. With a mega big Upsy Daisy to support you, you can conquer the world Vic! We have been renovating for the past 7 years and last week we seemed to have finished. Now it's time to go back and start maintaining it lol. I wont lie- it gets harder as the kiddie head count increases. But take it a bit at a time and don't get overwhelmed. You will get there.


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