My Pincushion.

This is the pincushion I use & love. I got it in a swap from Rachelle of Ted & Agnes & it’s big & sturdy & exactly what I needed in a pincushion.


We received 3 pincushions each in that swap & I only use this one. The other two are “display only”, sitting pretty on my mantle piece & making me smile every day… but Rachelle’s was made to be used. The funny thing is that she uses the one I sent her too! I love that.


I just happened to mention it to her… or was it the other way around… on twitter… & the next thing I know I was looking at a twitpic of the little pincushion I made out of a vintage blanket from around here in action all the way over in England. I was chuffed I was.


Joining in with my My Place & Yours at… my place! Join in anytime before Saturday or just go visit the players; there are some beautiful pincushions & some funny ones too. A special shout-out to Jackie for being a wonderful meme participant – I like to thank everybody for playing but I noticed everywhere I went today Jackie had already beat me to it! So thank you – it’s lovely when you’ve put the effort into joining a meme to have some new visitors stop by & appreciate it.


In other news the very first meeting of the Geelong Brown Owls is on tonight; I am not at all nervous about it. Nope. Not one bit. You can wish me luck if you like… not that I need it or anything. *gulp*


  1. You've got me intrigued about the "display only" ones.

  2. What a gorgeous pincushion!
    Good luck with your first Brown Owls group, you will be great :)

  3. Thanks Vic for the mention, I think. Obviously I don't have enough to do?
    Very nice pincushion you have there and I'd love to know what the display only ones look like too.
    Good luck with your very first Brown Owls tonight!!

  4. what a great pincushion!, and sturdiness is an important trait of a pincushion i feel too.
    I love that she looses the one you sent her too, and the story of the photo too.
    And good luck tonight, not that I think you need it!
    I soooooooooooooooo wish I could come if i wasnt *grumble* working. have a ball and try to relax even just a wee bit. I can't wait to see you tomorrow night.

  5. no good luck, cause you don't need it. so enjoy the most fabulous, fun, fairytale evening at your new Brown Owls group! looking forward to hear how it goes! apparently there used to be one in perth, but it no longer exists. not sure why, as i love the idea! have a delightful day, vic! :)

  6. Love this pin cushion! Have a blast tonight - it will be awesome!

  7. Fab pin cushion - love the green button especially. Have fun tonight!

  8. Great pincushion. Love the sewn on button! Tonight will be fantastic - and I'll be sitting here jealous of you out with all your crafty friends...

  9. I love my pin cushion Vic it makes me think of you often far across the pond....rxxx

  10. Good luck tonight! Wish I could join in the fun :).

  11. I love your pincushion! It is a 'real' pincushion.. looks and is perfect. Love the button detail too.

  12. Look at this... how cute!!! Imagine - I live without - needs to be changed NOW!!! Thanks for sharing!


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