On The Shelf.

It’s about time I joined in with my own meme! This is what’s “on the shelf” in Suspence’s room.


…and this was what was going on while I was focused on the shelves…


We have a climber. First it was the couch, then “my” slightly taller armchair, then Punk’s bed, then our bed & now his chair & cupboard… he’s a squishy little parcel of mischief, this one.

I digress.


Apart from all the space robot goodness, I  love the shelves in Spence’s room because they are up HIGH.


They are tidy ALL THE TIME. I’m enjoying that while it lasts.


I bet he won’t even like robots when he’s bigger. I’ll keep them. It’s all good.


We’re playing My Place & Yours until Saturday, take a peek (…or a sticky beak)!


  1. Wonderful post ... he's an amazing little fella and betcha any day soon he'll work out how to get up high! You're a total inspiration with all the stuff you find time to do ... onya Gorgeous Vic ♥

  2. I too love when the kids things stay tidy for longer than 5 minutes.
    Such gorgeous things on Suspense's shelves.

  3. Love all your different Robot bits, a great display! I had one that climbed into things and two that climbed up. Nothing scarier than a littlie halfway up a very tall ladder because Dad took his eye off him!! Hope your little man doesn't aim too high.

  4. So cute, I love the blocks. Every time I see a robot thing I think of you and Suspence.

  5. He will LOVE robots, it's just how it is!

  6. What a great collection of robots!!
    He'll love them - the little cute climber person.xx

  7. Too cute, love the Robots and your squishy little climbing man - I remember those days, when you had to have eyes in the back of your head - I had one that made 'nests' in trees and now climbs buildings for a living - what do you do...squeeze them while you can and don't blink!

  8. Awesome shelf - and what a lucky little boy to have such a collection! And yes, high shelves are a good thing, just wish I had more of them myself:) Cyndy

  9. Lovely to see the old picture blocks, Vic. Good luck with the climbing :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  10. Robot love! Such a fun and lovely shelf. And thanks for hosting this meme. It's been fun poking around.

    P.s. I have a feeling your little climbing cutie will love robots too.

  11. that is the cutest collection of robots I've ever seen! xo

  12. That's one very cool shelf you have going on there Vic. Do I spot some Chunky Chooky goodness in there?

    You're not alone with climbers... My almost 2-year-old is a climbing terror. Nothing is too high. If she can't climb it, big sister will drag a chair (or 3) over for her to climb up... fun and games!

  13. I love the Robot Theme - must start collecting robots!


  14. What cute shelves! I love all the robots. They are adorable.

  15. All so gorgeous- I LOVE the climbing pic and the gorgeous robots.

    Sraah xxx

  16. What a sweet little boy!! The toys are so different... nice...


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