Oh Happy Day.


Yesterday was a tip top day. One of those really good ones that you can’t help but enjoy. I had to zoom into town with Suspence for an appointment with his paediatrician & received the positive news that he won’t have to keep having the antibiotics he’s been on since he was a tiny newborn. He still has a bit of an unresolved issue but we’re all hoping it will resolve itself as he grows. I am so happy that things seem to be on the right track for him, I am trying not to dwell on the horrible tests he’s had to endure up until now.


Then, I broke my “Buy Nothing New” pledge & it felt great. I don’t think my heart was really in it anyway, though I have to thank Nic for helping me cheat early on. Don’t let me forget I owe you cash Nic!



To top it all off I returned home to a lovely parcel from a lovely friend. Totally unexpected, totally appreciated. I also have to thank Cath, Jess & Jennie for some beautiful birthday presents; I could hug you (…on a certain day, in a certain light, if the wind was blowing the right way…) & you are truly special women whom I adore.


When that much good stuff happens early on, it sets a certain tone for the day!

Here is to another happy one, for everyone.


  1. SUch wonderful wonderful news! and I love seeing good stuff happen over at yours. Good stuff happens to good people :)
    gorgeous pressie from Cathie, and I adore you right back.
    PS I also adore the pics here of Spence ( CUTE!!) and you and le Punk xo

  2. Good news and wonderful presents - a happy day indeed!

  3. sheesh, I wonder when that certain day or when that wind blows in a right kinda way will be!

    you rock, you deserve the love. you makes us all smile, you rrally do.

    who else would send a tweet towel, I mean, really, who..just you!

    keep on smiling chickie.
    massive hugs to you..heheee ♥

  4. totally forgot to say..yay Spence!!!! cutie ♥

  5. You must be on such a high Vic!
    Such good news!!
    He is a stunner - every photo you post, he is so happy and looks like a real character.

    Big hugs from us to you guys.XXXJ

  6. Yay for Spence and yay for great days. There should be more of 'em!

  7. PS. That brooch is FABULOUS!!x

  8. Glad you got goods news for your little man and all those goodies look fabulous. You totally deserve more of those happy days.

  9. Thats great news about your little boy!
    The book looks interesting, hope you will share what you make from it.

  10. Many happy returns. What exactly does that mean. Well a belated happy birthday.


  11. Just looking at that cheeky grin(s) made me smile gosh what gorgeous kids you have and yay for buying books!

  12. what a lovely happy post! I would totally break my shopping ban to buy that book too.

  13. Awesome! All wonderful things a happening for you. Congrats :-)

  14. Oh happy day indeed. May there be many many more.

  15. It is hard going sometimes with littlies having health issues, great that you had some positive news for your little guy. I'm hoping Santa will bring me the book. A lovely post and a happy day for sure.

  16. A post full of goodness. Love that happy last photo. So lovely.


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