I’m joining in with Kel today & sharing some inspirational quotes, partly because it doesn’t require me to do any heavy lifting with my ailing computer, but mostly because it’s a lovely idea to help us get through to the end of the ‘fest. I’m cheating though, as I do, because my favourite quotes aren’t necessarily inspirational, though the man they are from certainly has been to me.


I have talked time & time again about the fact that my favourite author is Richard Brautigan; I was tickled pink just recently to find one of his books I’ve never read for $3.95 & I am currently enjoying & savouring every moment. Don’t be dismayed if you have never heard of him. I’m used to that; I get inexplicably excited when someone HAS heard of him.


I love the way he wrote, the way he looked at the world & what he wrote about. I love that I found him all on my own, by accident, because I thought he looked cool on the cover of one of his books. I am touched by the tragedy that was his suicide & the fact that he wasn’t celebrated in life the way I feel he should have been, but most of all, I’m glad to have his books for company. I can read & re-read my favourites without ever getting bored, I am always amused & delighted, & for that, Richard, I thank you.






  1. And this is just what I wanted out of this idea! I haven't heard of him but I will search him out. I love his perspective, especially the quote about hang-ups!

  2. So you piqued my interest and I googled him. An interesting man with a very sad life. I'll have to see if I can find one of his books.

  3. Brilliant quotes. We seem to have this coming in the UK ... might be of interest :D

  4. http://www.saltpeterproductions.com/saltpeter/Featuring__Brautigan_Book_Club.html

  5. Thank you - if you love him, I'll love him. Which one of his books should I put on my Xmas Wish List?

    Sarah xxx


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