Mine. All mine.

As promised, some of my oppy finds from the last couple of weeks, in chronological order because I really can’t decide what I am most chuffed to have found. You might want to get a cup of tea; this could take a while.

Betty Draper Pearls (Or should that be “Pearls”…?):


I will never get to wear this set, no way, no how, but that didn’t stop me from snapping it up. I fully intend to keep both price tags for posterity. I found it while I was in Sydney, I can’t tell you how fun & restorative it was to wander in to my old haunts as though I’d never left, but the pickings were very slim for a gal too tight to shell out for check-in baggage & nowhere to stow a nice vintage coffee table, until, after rummaging about in a big Lifeline in Asquith for a while I started toward the train station but doubled back to get a drink. As I passed the Lifeline window again, the assistant was placing this on display; cue a ray of light shining down upon me while harps play in the clouds.


A pair of sweet German double handled teacups; because I am geographically challenged, I feel that they would be happiest with a spot of Russian Caravan tea sloshing about in them. Too bad I think Russian Caravan tea tastes like drinking from an ashtray that has been left out in the rain.


A vintage sheet & pillow case set; because there is just nothing nicer than some crisp old linen to hoard treasure.


A breakfast set, because I am a sucker for old packaging.


This stool is my new favourite piece of furniture even if I couldn’t get a decent photograph of it. It is in fabulous condition, still nice & soft & puffy, & I just love the pattern on the vinyl. $5 people. $5!



A boxed, complete, fully functional “Lights Alive” picture maker. I was obsessed with this for the entire afternoon when we brought it home, if I went & got it right now I could guarantee I would start playing with it & lose track of time again. How cool is it? This cool, that’s how:


A super-cute old computer toy for Suspence – it even worked until Punk got a hold of it. I’ll have to test my toy repair magic skills & get the screwdriver out. Luckily Suspence still likes it, working or not….

…last but not least, the staple of any good thrifter’s shopping diet; a delicious granny blanket.


I adore the colours in this, & it’s soft & snuggly & most of all, it was $8 from an oppy further afield. Most blankies around here now are upwards of $15 & not nearly as nice.

Phew! I even remembered I left a couple of things out! I think I need to go back to bed now…

(More thrifty treasures being shared over here!)


  1. Love everything, but the foot stool ~ five bucks!! Excellent oppy work!

  2. You did so well!! The Foot Stool is gorgeous. We just came back from Lakes Entrance where there are 7 Op Shops. Got a few nice bits but due to son taking his bike in the boot had to be very restrained. Next time he stays home!!!!

  3. Loving the finds: One can never hoard/ have enough vintage sheet/ linen!! I was looking at adore teas & thought Russian Caravan sounded so exotic: but ashtray tasting definitely does not!!

  4. Love it all - but the stool takes the cake!! How gorgeous and a steal! (no fair)

  5. Yep, the foot stall is definately the winner, Lights Alive I have never heard of , but I do like the look of it.

  6. Love them all! But my fave .... oh it's so hard to pick, but I have to say the breakfast set, because i too cannot resist vintage packaging ( and everyone else said the stool and I wanted to be different!)
    GO CATS!!! xo
    ps have you seen the geelong flavoured Thins chips packets. HIL ar IOUS!

  7. These are all fantastic scores! The footstool is incredible as are the "pearls" :). Nice finds!

  8. Oh wow - Lights Alive!!! Love the "pearls" too. I wore something like that to my school formal maaany years ago.

  9. Oh wow, a bit of everything. You did well. Love the foot stool. x

  10. Loving the sheets of course but that stool is beautiful!

  11. Phew, there are some seriously great scores here!! Love the double handled teacups and yep I agree that particular type of tea is disgusting.
    Loving the vintage sheet and foot stool too :)

  12. WOW, some amazing finds on your thrift store outing at great bargains too. I love to browse around thrift stores its amazing some of the things people no longer want to keep.

  13. the stool is most perfect love it rxx

  14. I love the foot-stool but frankly that Lights Alive is gold! Oh the possibilities ....

  15. OMG Lights Alive... I think I may be in love. Better lock that up next time I'm down your way.

  16. I can't choose what I am more jealous of, the double handled teacups or the foot stool or the Lights Alive or the Betty Draper "pearls"! I want to come over dress up, have tea on the stool and play Lights Alive!

  17. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. I'm just amazed that you find so many things that you actually want in your 'op shops' Maybe people donate better things in Australia than they do here in Scotland because our 'charity shops' just seem to be full of stuff that noone wants.
    Fiona x

  18. LOVE the blanket and what a bargain price for that cute stool.


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