If Mark Twain were a blogger, or, a Blogtoberfest motivational quote:


Photograph like yours is the only camera. Steal ideas like no one will notice. Blog like everything you do is interesting & join memes like there is no tomorrow.”

Blogtoberfest hot tips:

Go here for a Blogtoberfest blogroll – see who on the list has a recent post – so, so, so much easier than (..as I have been doing) randomly clicking on links & finding that there have been no posts from that blog since October 1st.

PLEASE ENABLE EMAIL REPLIES! I’m sorry for shouting, but I often want to reply to a comment personally & I can’t because my reply would be flying off to “No Reply Blogger”. This is especially important during Blogtoberfest; what if you’ve commented on a fabulous give-away & you are unable to receive your prize because the blogger can’t email you? Disaster! So, if you’ve a blogger blog, do this;

In blogger.com, click on Dashboard.

Select Edit Profile.

Check the box for "Show my Email Address."

Save changes.

If you don’t want to show your personal email address, you can always set up another free account which forwards your blog comments to your actual email address (Your replies will be from whichever account you reply in though). That is why some of you on occasion will send an email to one address & get a reply from another!

We’re 10 days in people, keep up the good, bloggy work.


  1. I love that picture, good ideas for blogging too. 10 days and ive blogged everyday, didnt think I would be able to do it hehe

  2. Love the photo and the quote. Words to live by.

  3. I love that quote, especially the stealing ideas bit - I'm very guilt of doing that, often!!

  4. You sound like my mother! Even though I have been 'enabled' for quite some time and my mother wouldn't have the foggiest what that even means. So bloomin' impressed with the Blogtoberfest sign-up (and commitment)...

  5. Wise words from a wise woman ... Thanks Darling!

  6. Great quote!! And thanks for the good tip

  7. I feel like i'm a "enable email replies" evangelist!! Thank you for spreading the word ;) x

  8. Thanks for spreading the word on reply emails. I find that so annoying when I can't reply. Especially when someone asks me a question in their comment.

  9. Remind me to blog about this tomorrow too. I hate NO REPLY BLOGGER!

  10. OMG!! I've been randomly clicking on blog links too. Thanks for the blogroll. Brilliant:)

  11. OH Yes! I'm going to share widely. No reply blogger is causing me angst these days. Peeps are complaining I don't reply, but they make it so I can't! *head desk* I may even blatantly steal this post and do something similar as part of a "how to blog nicely" series. Blogging was so much nicer in 2008. Lol

  12. Love the quote, and a good tip!

  13. If both of your email accounts are gmail, you can not only forward your blog emails to your proper account, but you can also set it up that if you reply to a reply it still comes from your blog email account. Does that make sense? Can't remember how I did it, but pleased that I did!

    Great post, I get so frustrated with no-reply bloggers!


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