Hoo wants to be an owl?

First of all, I have to apologise for the extremely local nature of this post, it’s entirely selfish & purpose driven (…& it’s my party & I’ll cry if I want to…).


I’ve been keen on becoming a member of The Brown Owls (A craft group for nice people) ever since Pip started them way back when, but the closest group to me is a couple of hours away in Melbourne. I have been in contact with an original Melbournian Owl who has moved to Geelong & am trying to find out how much if any, interest there would be in starting a Geelong chapter of the coolest craft group there is.


So if you are in or around Geelong or know a crafty or wants-to-be-crafty type that lives in or around Geelong, let me know either in the comments or via email if you or they would be interested in coming along.


We are talking embryonic planning stages here, so if you have any ideas about where would be good to hold the meetings or what sort of things you’d like to do then of course they’re more than welcome.


It would be much appreciated if you could spread the word, I am already looking forward to some crafty get togethers – even if, since my particular brand of craft is so often haphazard & slapdash, my major contributions will be the latest issue of Mollie Makes & a plate of cupcakes.

Pics from (in order); Craft, Factory Direct Craft Blog, Etsy & Etsy.


  1. I love owls they are just so cute, good luck getting your craft group together.

  2. I wish I lived a closer. 500km is just a little bit too far to travel I think. Good Luck getting a group together.

  3. One part of my brain says become an owl - the other says...are you kidding, you can barely sew! But I would be interested if you pulled me there...I want to quilt, so quilting with peeps doing their own crafty owl thing would be AOK with me...am only 10 mins outside of Geelong, so could become an Owl and fly there easy!


  4. I live near Geelong, but all I would be good for is a trashy magazine, a cake, a cup of tea and a giggle.
    I will however let my crafty friends know incase they are keen to join.

  5. all I can say..I wish you lived closer to Melbourne!!

    for all the other girls that think they can't join in because they can't sew etc. no fear, first few craft get togethers I went to all I did was chat & drink tea. now I learn all sorts of crafts from the other girls. Nicole (dabbling all day) was so patient that she taught me to crochet.

    go Vic, sounds like fun!♥

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love to join a Geelong Brown Owls group. I don't know how crafty I am but I think the Brown Owls groups are a lovely idea.

  7. I work in Lara and am planning to move to Geelong in the new year (let me know if you see any good rentals!) so I would love to be kept in the loop.

  8. sounds fantastic Vic.

    Pip was my first crafty contact in Melbourne all those year ago and now I am involved with a great group of girls South Side.

  9. Wow, that sounds fab, I love the idea of being in a crafty group, however travelling from the uk may limit me somewhat!

    Your blog is great, thoroughly enjoyed reading back a couple of weeks, look forward to seein the rest of your October marathon!

  10. ...and another reason to want to live closer to Melbourne!

  11. I wish I was closer but Seattle, WA is too far to go for a craft date. I'll drop in to your group the next time I'm half way across the globe. Have fun!!!

  12. every single pic is GORGEOUS EYE CANDY! Popping over to say HELLO from Blogtoberfest

  13. I'd love to join a crafty group! I'm in Geelong! Yay!!


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