Hey, ho, let’s go!

It’s Blogtober peeps & you know what that means; BLOGTOBERFEST!

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I have already started my cheat’n Blogtoberfest ways with this post; I should have probably written a post yesterday saying “Blogtober starts tomorrow – come & join in!” or somesuch, but that would mean I’d have to post something else today, so… I cheated. As I do. As I will continue to do throughout the month, I’m sure.

For the un-initiated, Blogtoberfest is the brainchild of Cathy aka tinniegirl & it is a month of fun & frivolous posting every day. There are giveaways to vie for, new people to visit & a myriad of good excuses on why we missed a day to come up with; you can still sign up for the madness right here.

How are you all? …by “all” I actually mean “those of you not playing on The Twitter”, because I know how all of YOU are. I started to miss blogging about a week into the break so I’ve really, really, really been looking forward to today & getting back into it. I have a few things to share, like more oppy gold than you can poke a stick at & the fact that I cut my hair AGAIN, but enough about that… I have a month of posts to pad out don’t you know.

Are you Blogtobering along too? It’s always so much fun – looking forward to “meeting” new bloggers, sharing, being inspired & generally having a blogg’n good time!


I also, on impulse, pledged to Buy Nothing New in October – you can do so too here if you like! Food & “necessities” are exempt, but I think this is a challenge I was made for (now that I’ve declared that… what will trip me up?).


  1. I was wondering who in my blogrol would get first blogtoberfest post up and it was you :)

    Im playing again this year ;)

    Now I need to get my blog reader back to zero before the rest of the festival goers wake up and flood it!

  2. No way not playing this year. But I will be visiting lots.

  3. A 10 day trip to Vanuatu puts a bit of a hole in the middle of BLogtoerfest so I will *sigh* have to give it a miss this year. Tough job and all that...

    Good to see you back though, girlie. Been missing you.

  4. Lovely to have you on board again Vic. I like that you're cheating already too. That's my kind of way to approach Blogtober.

  5. I'm in this year too - I imagine there will be a bit of blogging cheatery going on around here over the next month too! Can't wait to see your oppy finds!

  6. I just could not blog every day, I am just not that organised. Like Cath I'll be popping by to check out your, and others, daily exploits.Have fun! xo

  7. can't wait to hear some prime excuses from you! glad to have you back on this blogging caper too!

    happy blogtoberfest!

  8. I've joined in blogtoberfest too. I am already prepping my excuses in anticipation of missing days.

  9. I've joined blogtoberfest and nothing new month too - both on impulse! (what am I thinking???)
    Break a leg Vic.

  10. Buy nothing new as in nothing new to you, or is second hand ok? I should look into it!

    Happy blogtoberfest :)

  11. Hey Vic, thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Lovely to meet you and it's great to have another intrepid shopper on the buy-nothing-new journey. I think my downfall will be books... and I have to confess that the last thing I did on September 30 was buy a new dress!!
    Looking forward to reading more of your Blogtoberfest posts.
    Kat x

  12. Happy Blogtober Vic. Looking forward to seeing your hair cut and the oppy gold:)

  13. I did a buy-nothing-at-all month in July. Man it was hard, but actually, I've hardly bought anything since!
    Yay for Blogtober (and cheating when necessary!

  14. :0 Buy nothing new! Love it! Frocktober is going to stretch me but I'm going to give it a red hot go! :) all the best with blogtoberfest!


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