This, that & the other.

You know, during blogtoberfest especially I make it my business to take the smallest events of the day & turn them into a big production (ie, a blog post), so now that I actually have more interesting things to talk about I’m in a big fluster.


I will start by saying that my blog would be infinitely more exciting if I did in fact live in Melbourne & hung out with such lovely crafterpeeps as I met last night at Readings, everyone has something going on, projects, life, things that spark conversations & ideas… ah, I can dream… maybe it’s a blessing though, to be out here… I don’t seem to have enough room for all these new things in my head without losing some powers of articulation (or so it seems this morning – I am so tired after two late nights driving about the countryside).



Yesterday was a day of bbqing, picnics, driving, nerves, chatting, smiling, excitement, sharing, remembering (like I remembered Jem! Do YOU remember Jem?!) & forgetting! Maybe it’s just that I am surely becoming a country bumpkin & I’m not used to having more than one thing to do in a day? Maybe everybody else has days like that all the time? For me it was a bit of a blur; except for the driving, driving, driving… props to Ms Pops for her awesome city driving skillz; I wouldn’t have made it in to St Kilda if it weren’t for her!


It was tops to meet people I only know from twitter or their blogs (even if I didn’t realise at the time) & see the lovely people I have met before again. It was super nice to meet Pip finally after reading her blog for so long & chatting on twitter; she is so lovely to crazy strangers (okay, maybe I was the only CRAZY stranger…) & warm & encouraging. I may be crafty crushing on Pip today… & she totally wrote in my book with pink texta. Oh yeah. (I just saw on Pip’s blog there are a few pictures from last night including one where she is actually signing my book.. I can tell because my pink boot is in the picture… my feet are famous, uh-huh. Go look at the piccys! I had a couple of bloggy peeps but they were candid shots of people mid conversation with those lovely unawares mid-conversation type faces & I am making an executive decision not to be a meanie & post them!)


And, I have new glasses, glasses I like & am actually going to wear like a grown up. I took this picture when I got up… messy hair & panda eyes & all… it’s made me glad I didn’t blog when I was younger & running about drinking all night. If this is what I look like after a night out at a respectable do where the strongest tipple was ginger beer, I shudder to think what I looked like after stumbling home at 4am with a stranger’s cardigan & hazy memories…

AND AND AND…. Suspence took 3 steps on his own this morning! Eek!!


  1. At least you are close to Melbourne. take pity on us who live further north!

  2. Was totally awesome to see and hang with you last night. Would totally awesome if you lived up ( or down?) here. so we both can dream ;)
    Hey and I love the new glasses, i think they really suit you xo
    PS I'm eternally grateful that you didn't post any of the candid shots, as knowing how unphotogenic I am, I have a feeling i was one of them. thank you!!

  3. so jealous that I couldn't hang out with you!
    as Trudi said, you aren't that far away i guess.

    glasses are very swish and kids ooohhh sooo cute as always. yay Suspence on the steps!!

    and ...just ignore Jess when she mumbles such things about being unphotogenic!

  4. and yet another reason to move to Melbourne...or Geelong...or Port Fairy.

    Was someone else wearing pink boots on the night cos if not pretty sure they're featured twice in Pips snaps.

    Congratulations on the baby steps - now the fun begins!

  5. Yay Suspence!!!
    Love your glasses Vic. Its a tough and important decision - which ones to choose!!

    Sooooooo envious that you got to go last night. I would have been packing my pants, meeting everyone. I bet it was worth the effort of all that travelling.XXXJ

  6. YAY for Suspence!

    ... yes I too sometimes wish I lived in Melbourne. Living on the left hand side of the continent means there have been loads of events that I'd have liked to tag along to but missed... boo-hoo.

    BUT - how fabulous are those glasses??? You might have to change your blog title to Punky and Spunky!

  7. love the book, love the glasses, love that Suspense is stepping!But if I come to Melb next year again will you make the trip up to see me?

  8. He's walking already?! Amy won't even stand on her own and she's hit 13 months today.

  9. Fun all round for you this week, nice that you are getting out and about. Your glasses look perfect all the better for keeping an eye on the little man now he is trying out this walking business.

  10. The glasses really suit you Vic, and how exciting is THREE STEPS! Have a fab weekend!

  11. Exciting days you've had. The glasses look great and the fact that Suspence took three steps is fantastic but the best has to be that your boots are now famous...

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful time :o)I like your new glasses, they really suit you, but I love love love your pink Docs! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it was lovely to see you.

  13. Thanks so much for catching the CurlyPops taxi service. Twas lots of fun lastnight! You must have been exhausted today after all that driving.
    PS - Go Suspence!

  14. Yay to Suspence!! Milestone:) When are you coming up Melbs way again?!

  15. the glasses look really nice on you :)


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